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‘Killing Floor’ And ‘Red Orchestra 2’ Are Getting Steam Workshop Support

Steam Workshop is an awesome addition to the already amazing Steam. More and more games are jumping on the Steam Workshop train. Coming soon is Workshop support for Killing Floor and Red Orchestra 2. Now that I can play on Steam with my Xbox 360 controller I’m starting get into more PC games, but Killing Floor still remains one of my faves. There is a map making contest going on right now for Red Orchestra 2 and the winner gets $35,000! Soon enough all maps entered in the Counterattack Mapping Contest will be in the Workshop where you can vote for your favorite and someone will walk away with 35K. Head past the break to find out how you can save 66% on all Tripwire Interactive games.

Right now on Steam you can get the Tripwire Interactive game bundle, which includes all of their games for $59.99. That’s not bad seeing as that’s what a new game on a console is gonna run you. Red Orchestra 1 and 2, Killing Floor and all of the DLC and more. You’ll save in the ballpark of 33 dollars. Not too shabby.

“Here at Tripwire Interactive, we’ve always been huge supporters of community-made content and encouraged people to make their own content for our games. Not a big surprise really, when you remember we started out as a mod team! And now, to make all that content much more manageable, we are adding full Steam Workshop support to Killing Floor now AND Red Orchestra 2 very soon.”



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