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Winona Ryder (Literally) Rolls Her Eyes At Thought Of A New ‘Beetlejuice’!

I love this story so much it’s not even funny. As you may or may not know, nearly everyone in Hollywood plays the “PC” game, meaning, every answer they give is a load of horse sh*t. Winona Ryder doesn’t play that game.

This past weekend the cast and crew of Frankenweenie took to Disneyland in California to talk about the animated pic arriving in theaters October 5.

With both Ryder and Tim Burton taking part, it was only a matter of time until some fresh Beetlejuice talk hit the Web. While Burton is said to be part of the project (it’s unclear if he’ll direct), Seth Grahame-Smith, the screenwriter behind Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, is working on the current draft. Michael Keaton is also said be returning.

“At the Frankenweenie press junket in Anaheim on Sunday, a reporter enthusiastically told Winona Ryder that she was very excited for Beetlejuice 2 and hoped that Ryder would be in the movie,” says Flixist. “Ryder had just spent the fifteen minutes prior gushing about her emotional connection to all of her roles in Burton’s movies, with a particular emphasis on Lydia. Given that, you’d think she might be pretty enthusiastic about the new movie, or at least somewhat optimistic. Instead, her response was a heavy sigh, a roll of the eyes, and a “Yeah, that would be…great.

Tim Burton himself seemed more optimistic about the project, but was surprisingly hands-off about the whole thing. When asked about the project, he sounded somewhat uncomfortable and gave a non-answer. “Somebody’s writing a version, but I’m sort of…not making any preconceived ideas about it, and…not over-thinking something that I haven’t seen, so I’m just kind of keeping an open mind about it and seeing what comes.” Burton said that he is passionate about every project he goes into, so he could just have his mind on other work, but it seems odd for him to be quite as distant as he is. Thanks to BD reader Matthew R. for the tip.




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