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After Losing Various Battles With Bill Murray, Are They Now Remaking ‘Ghostbusters’?!

While Bill Murray repeatedly slimes the idea of Ghostbusters 3, Columbia Pictures, along with director Ivan Reitman, and stars Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd, continue to push forward with the misadventures of Dr. Egon Spengler, Dr. Raymond Stantz, Dr. Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddmore.

While we’ve watched everyone involved trade verbal blows, and then deny them, something interesting terrifying has been brewing under the streets of New York City.

In a recent interview with Collider, Reitman was asked about the sequel. His response sent me into a state of shock: “I think Ghostbusters probably should be remade, if we can get it all right. We’re working on it, so we’ll see.

Unfortunately, reporter Christina Radish didn’t follow up with the shocking statement. It’s as if it went completely unheard. If I were in that position, they’d be checking to see if I were okay after having fallen off my chair.

Etan Cohen, Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky had been working on various screenplays that would introduce a new generation of Ghostbusters (lead by Dana and Peter’s lovechild, Oscar).




  • theodds22

    Ruining the original? I don’t think so.

  • badadam

    Thoughts? For starters I think Oscar wasn’t Peter’s kid. I also think a remake sounds just fine. More genre fare with money behind it is aces in my book. Who cares if it ultimately ends up sucking hard donkey balls? It doesn’t affect the original in the least.


    It’s like choosing between shit and poop.

  • ThunderDragoon

    It has to be better than Ghostbusters 2 so why not?

  • Evil_Flip

    That’s just sad. It’s easy to make a cool new movie revolving around a team of people who hunt ghosts, there’s no need to soil the name of the classic. Hell, if they go the route of the remake I’d rather see the do a live action version of that other ghostbusters cartoon. Ghost busting Gorilla anyone?

  • djblack1313

    god, i hope they just put this non-movie to rest! i’m so fucking sick of hearing about it. either shit and make the movie or get off the pot.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    given all the stuff about bill murray it kinda sounds like Reitman is thinking about this route because that’d be the only way to keep Venkman’s character without having to either get rid of him completely or to find someone else (other than murray) to play his character in a sequal, which would be ridiculous in my opinion. so at least with a remake they would have to get different actors anyway and they could make sequals from there without having to deal with murray. or at least that’s what i’m hoping his thinking is.

  • tisbored

    Awwww hellllll nahhh!

  • Deadamongmen

    I really had a feeling this would end up happening. In this case then, Neil patrick Harris for Venkman. The only one that could even come close. Damn I hope this ends up being B.S. though.

  • pumkinheadfan

    I say they should just get Joel Murray to play Venkman. Most of the audience watching in the theaters are too young and wouldn’t notice the difference anyways.

    • Evil_Flip

      that’s actually not a bad idea. I think he should still play peters bother or something, but it would justify a character like Peter, it’s just another Venkman. And Joel is very funny.

  • GerryButton

    Bloody hell just let it die already. I loved the original film, hell I loved the sequel as well and the amazing cartoon, but it’s time to let this series end. Even IF the 3RD film managed to make it out, would it do well? Or would it be more so just fan service.

    I would love to see a NEW Ghostbusters film in theatres I really would, but at the same time, I don’t want how great this series is to be tarnished by a lousy third installment or a poorly done remake.

  • weresmurf

    Jesus, just do a sequel set fifty years later, the originals are dead, a new bunch of people find the original equipment and have to start the business again when the shit hits the fan. There you go, Hollywood, HIRE ME TO WRITE THIS SHIT, I just figured out a way to avoid hiring ANY of the originals.

    • Miikesmama

      Yeah, or the original cast was killed by a special, huge-ass ghost/demon, and of course the young guys have to kill exactly that demon. Also, if they want, the original guys could make cameos as spiritual advisors/comic relief. Bill Murray doesn’t want to? Fine, there could be a dialogue between Akroyd-ghost and Ramis-ghost: “Where is Venkman?” “Ah, he’s trying to teach Elvis play the piano” (…or something…)

      Hmm, maybe they really should leave it alone

      • huntermc

        The original Ghostbusters are now ghosts. Now wouldn’t that be ironic!

  • violentdope

    Leave the OG alone.The way Hollywood has been lately,im sure a remake/sequel will suck.

  • Boogie138

    as a life long ghosthead, i will continue to hope for a third film. the game from ’09 is very much a 3rd film anyway but i would love one last romp with the original cast. old out of shape ghostbusters having to go on a suicide mission to save the world. epic stuff kids and can be done, and be funny. murray gets alot of the blame, but i think he is just as worried as fans. if he didn’t believe in doing ghostbusters anymore he would not have lent his voice to the game

    and for the record, ghostbusters 2 does not suck. as good as the first? hell no but still funny and full of great moments. never understood all the hate, as whenever i have asked for an elaboration trolls simply responded with ‘it just sucks’. i onced convinced a friend who was sure the film had no redeeming qualities to rewatch it with me, and conceded his previous argument.

    haters gonna hate. often without cause.

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