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YouOffendMeYouOffendMyFamily Network, Alongside Justin Lin(!) Launches “Silent Terror” Anthology Series!

In celebration of Halloween and the month of October, the “YOMYOMF Network” on YouTube will present a special anthology of horror short films directed by some of Asia’s top horror directors.

Entitled “Silent Terror,”, this special series will have a common thread that creates an interesting obstacle for each director to tell their scary tale: no dialogue.

The hand-picked directors will be crafting eerie tales influenced by urban legends, local ghost stories, and ancient traditions that make the Asian horror genre a prominent staple in modern cinema, yet translate universally through the horror genre.

The directors of the four short films are Joko Anwar from Indonesia, Erik Matti from the Philippines, Noboru Iguchi from Japan and Woo Ming-Jin from Malaysia. The commissioned shorts will debut every Thursday in October culminating in the final piece running on Halloween week.

The YOMYOMF Network’s principal founder is Hollywood filmmaker Justin Lin, director of Better Luck Tomorrow and the global box office phenomenal Fast and Furious film franchise. Mr. Lin is currently shooting the latest installment, Fast Six in Europe.

When I discussed this series with Philip W. Chung (YOMYOMF Network’s Creative Director), we came up with this scenario of no dialogue to not only challenge the filmmakers but also to heighten the other components of the film.” says Anderson Le, executive producer. “It’s like how someone loses one of their six senses and the other senses become sharper. This way, tone and mood becomes more prominent and the terror elements become scarier.

Gary King, producer adds, “Having been at New Line for 5 years I was able to see firsthand through worldwide box office totals that there is a huge appetite and appreciation for horror material around the globe.

In addition to “Silent Terror,” the Network’s ongoing short film series, the entire month of October is Halloween-themed, with ongoing series partaking the horror festivities. “The Short List,” the ongoing web series on the Network that showcases the best short films from around the world, will present 4 tales of terror!

In addition to Justin Lin and Anderson Le serving as executive producers, “Silent Terror” is also produced by NBA star Baron Davis with Gary King, and Philip W. Chung, Salvador Gatdula, and Abdul Khan are the Executives in Charge of Production at the YOMYOMF Network.

“SILENT TERROR” episodes will premiere every Thursday in October exclusively on the YOMYOMF Network. Below is the screening schedule:

October 04 — GRAVE TORTURE directed by Joko Anwar
October 11 — THE DOUBLE directed by Woo Ming-jin
October 18 — BAD BUTTS directed by Noboru Iguchi
October 25 — VESUVIUS directed by Erik Matti



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