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New York City Horror Film Festival Announces 2012 Program

The New York City Horror Film festival is the most looked forward to horror festival in the New York City area, and with good reason. Its for the fans, not very commercialized, and mega fun. That’s how founder Michael J. Hein had always wanted his festival to be. When Mike passed away unexpectedly, it left a crater in the NYC based horror community. 2011’s festival was cancelled out of respect. Now its 2012, and the NYCHFF is roaring back to life.

Festival features slated for competition showings at Tribeca Cinemas this year are: Nailbiter, Spider, Nightscape, Game of Werewolves, It’s In the Blood, Gut, Mimesis, Devoured, and Gallery of Fear.

This year’s festival will also hand out the first ever Michael J. Hein Award, which highlights Personal Achievement in Direction. 2012’s award goes to Rob Zombie (Devils Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses, The Lords of Salem). Chances are Sheri will also be in attendance to accept the award live on Friday night, November 9th.

The annual NYCHFF Lifetime Achievement Award goes to Wes Craven (Last House on the Left, Nightmare on Elm Street) this year. Don’t miss your chance to meet him in person on Saturday night, November 10th, when he will be in attendance to accept the award, talk to the fans, and Q&A alongside a theatrical showing of one of his classic films (still to be announced).

Read on for the full program and schedule for the 2012 New York City Horror Film Festival!

Wednesday Night
November 7th:
The Opening Night Party, taking place in Times Square NYC. Or more accurately, Times Scare! This year its half bar, half haunted house, all one hell of a fun horror party that nobody in the area should miss.

Thursday Night
November 8th:

7:00-7:11 – Facing Rupert (short)
7:12-7:42 – Survivor Type (short)

7:43-9:11 – Feature: Nailbiter (review)

9:30-9:46 – Night of the Pumpkin (short)
9:47-9:57 – Dr. Grordbort Presents: The Deadliest Game (short)
9:58-10:17 – Bug Chaser (short)

10:18-12:12 – Feature: Spider

Friday Night
November 9th:

7:00-7:11 – The Captured Bird (short)
7:12-7:29 – Amelia (short)
7:30-7:40 – Negative Image (short)

7:41-9:10 – Feature: Nightscape

9:30-9:40 – Deer Head Valley (short)
9:41-9:49 – Sandwich Crazy (short)
9:50-10:00 – Plush (short)
10:01-10:12– Show Me (short)

10:13-? – Feature: Rob Zombie film
(prediction – it will be The Lords of Salem) (review)

Saturday (all day)
November 10th:

1:00-1:04 – Rotting Hill (short)
1:05-1:15 – Torture Porn (short)
1:16-2:38 – Hierarchy (short)

2:39-3:59 – Feature: Game of Werewolves

4:00-4:14 – Child Eater (short)
4:15-4:40 – The Ribbon (short)
5:41-5:48 – Mother Died (short)

5:49-6:11 – Feature: Its In the Blood

6:30-6:51 – Alice Jacobs Is Dead (short)
6:52-7:14 – Familiar (short)

7:15-8:45 – Feature: Gut (review)

9:00-9:15 – Foxes (short)
9:16-9:49 – Tell (short)

9:50-? – Feature: Wes Craven film
(prediction: good chance it wont be Nightmare on Elm Street since the NYCHFF showed this two years ago. They always pull out a classic though, so stay tuned.)

Sunday (all day)
November 11th:

12:00-1:30 – Film Maker Panel

2:00-2:16 – Demented (short)
2:17-2:30 – Love Bug (short)
2:31-2:44 – Testament of Karma (short)
2:45-2:52 – Deviling (short)

2:53-4:29 – Feature: Mimesis

5:00-5:04 – Anorexia (short)
5:05-5:15 – Between Friends (short)
5:16-5:26 – Sleepwalk (short)
5:27-5:47 – Chucking Emily (short)

5:48-7:28 – Feature: Devoured (review)

7:30-9:35 – Feature: Gallery of Fear

Awards to follow…

Hope to see you there this year. It should be a riot. I will be covering all five days, from the opening night party to the award ceremony – primarily at Tribeca Cinemas from November 7th to November 11th, 2012. Anyone who wishes to contact me ahead of time, even to just meet up for a drink and say HI, can email me at – for more information on tickets or the festival itself, please visit online or hit up NYC Horror Fest on Facebook HERE.



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