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Dan Walton’s ‘Bind’ Finally Shot, Check Out The First Imagery



We’ve now landed the first imagery from Bind, producer Dan Walton’s (Gutterballs, Hanger) directorial debut that filmed in Vancouver after a few years of post.

Edward Furlong (Terminator 2, Night of the Demons), Emmanuelle Vaugier (Mirrors 2, Saw IV), Ryan Merriman (Rings, The Ring Two, Final Destination 3), Daniel Cudmore (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, New Moon), Chelan Simmons (Tucker & Dale vs Evil ), Kevin Gage (Laid to Rest), PJ Soles (Halloween, Carrie) and Christa Campbell (2001 Maniacs) all star.

Here’s the plot crunch: “A family move into an abandoned orphanage and they soon learn that their charming orphanage has a disturbing history and is convinced they aren’t alone.

Also check out the Facebook page and official website.

Pictured below are Sierra Pitkin, Sierra Pitkin, Alisha-Jo Penney, Shayleigh Pruzina, Sasha Neuhaus


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