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NARR8 To Release New Horror and Sci-fi Interactive Novel Series This Fall

NARR8 , a new digital entertainment company, is gearing up for the release of two new interactive novel series for the iPad this fall. The company boasts innovative reading technology that works to bring readers into the world of the story where they can interact with the fictional world. Today, NARR8 released images and details for two of their launch series, the first of which is a horror series titled “Fear Hunters”, and the other, a sci-fi thriller titled “MultiVerse”.

“Fear Hunters” dives into the subconscious, where a group of psychiatrists believe they can cure mental illness by slaying monsters that lurk in our minds. “MultiVerse” focuses on a paranormal investigator who works to maintain the Multiverse. NARR8 will be at New York Comic Con, on October 11th -14th, where you may be able to sneak a peak at their new series. Lots more info, videos and pictures below.

Press release:
Today NARR8, the new digital entertainment start-up releases interactive novel series details as well as corresponding videos and images for the upcoming application launch on the new iPad© and iPad© 2 this Fall 2012. Leading the charge in episodic multimedia series for digital devices, NARR8 will launch with a diverse array of serials in genre, presentation and style. With a total of nine series at launch, NARR8 touts expansive worlds and illuminating series starting with two interactive novel series – Fear Hunters and MultiVerse.

Mental diseases stem from nightmare monsters that jail the human soul. However, there are those that believe these monsters can be slain by penetrating a patient’s subconscious. These people, known as Fear Hunters, are a part of Doctor Powell’s crew of elite psychiatrists. Ready to take on this dangerous paranormal battle, they aim to eradicate these creatures of madness.

On the origin of Fear Hunters, Head of Midian Studio, Vasily Melnik imparts, “I’ve always wanted to write a fantastic book about psychiatrists who are able to penetrate their patients’ subconscious and fight their painful nightmares. But this project was too big for me; it required too much effort and specific knowledge, so I kept postponing it. However, after becoming the head of one of NARR8’s studios and reflecting on the concept as a potential series, I decided to go back to Dr. Powell and his team of fear hunters, especially because the idea of the project seemed quite interesting visually. Outstanding artists and writers at our studio have deepened the original idea and developed it considerably.”

Parallel universes, paranormal detective work and suspense are all terms that embody Multiverse. Ordinary programmer Mark Stone could never have imagined his fate would transport him on an unreal journey to discover and capture aliens. On each new assignment, he will be challenged to uncover new mysteries while working for a network of special agents trained to fend off unforeseen threats and maintain the balance of the Multiverse. How will he learn to cope with this illusory reality, and the even greater responsibility of being the chosen one?

Head of BookCase Studio, Jenny Spasskaya, provides a glimpse into the Multiverse series creation, “I’ve found working with the team to craft an original sci-fi concept, plot, ongoing storyline, and social and physical laws for our new fictional universe to be every bit as colorful and unique an experience as the visual design for our series. I can tell you that MultiVerse represents a synergy of universes, and spheres that combine and connect them. Despite its complexity, this infinite sci-fi world our team has created is surprisingly fragile, and our story tells the tale of how humanity has come to test that strength.”

At NARR8, each series is handled carefully from the initial concept to realization in the artwork, writing, programming and sound. While flipping through the deep chapters of these novels, readers are able to interact with the scenes laid out before them. Coupling the power of imagination with interactivity, ambient sound design compliments each scene for a new entertaining and immersive experience.




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