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Standalone ‘Day Z’ Game Confirmed To Be Coming Later This Year

It started off as a mod for Arma II, but later this year Day Z will be getting its very own standalone release, courtesy of Arma developer Bohemia Interactive and the original mod’s creator. We first heard about it in August, and now we know the game is coming later this year. It’s a nebulous window, but not everyone has been happy with Resident Evil 6, so perhaps this could be another chance for disgruntled gamers to get their zombie fix. Who here’s interested in the game? I was just about to play the mod, but knowing a standalone game is just around the corner has kept me from pulling the trigger on that.

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  • chris99x

    I played the add on. There are a few huge positives, it’s very creative, but there are some aspects of it that are a huge turn off – very glitchy, poor animations…hopefully these issues will be taken care of in the standalone version.

    • reredrum

      im pretty sure they are going to fix it there not just going to say hey here you go this is the standalone for DayZ o by the way we fixed nothing about it at all we left it alone

    • Adam Dodd

      Most of the technical issues won’t be an issue in the standalone game since it’s not constrained to the dated Arma II engine. Instead, it’ll use the new Real Virtuality 4 engine Arma III will use, resulting in what game developers call (and this is a very technical term) an uber sexy game.

      • chris99x

        Very good to hear…hadn’t really looked at any previews or anything. But glad they are fixing those issues. I’ll definitely check it out again.

  • reredrum

    o i bet it will be sexy lol just tell’en chris99x the “turn offs” will be fixed….been watching alot of the videos on youtube for dayz and i got to say its a badass game somthing i have been looking foward to in a game like this…yeah the pvp and death suck cuz u have to start over again but thats fine with me i have no problem going out into the world of DayZ and finding gear cuz everytime i die it will always be a new experience so standalone hurry the FUCK UP!! lol

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