Buy Low! 'Amityville Horror' and 'Haunted Mansion' Horror Houses FOR SALE! - Bloody Disgusting
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Buy Low! ‘Amityville Horror’ and ‘Haunted Mansion’ Horror Houses FOR SALE!



These are the days I wish I were filthy rich.

Just in time for Halloween, the owners of the home made famous in the spooky 1970s film The Amityville Horror are dramatically slashing the asking price on their Toms River, New Jersey, colonial, which was used for exteriors in the film, reports CNN. The decision wasn’t triggered by demonic activity, however. Apparently, another frightening “D” word was to blame. “My husband and I are getting a divorce,” said Odalys Fragoso, who bought the house with her husband Jose Fragoso in 2001. “It’s not that the house is haunted or anything. We had wonderful times in that house.” The couple purchased the house for $795,000. Originally listed last year at $1.45 million, the four-bedroom, three-bath home is now going for $955,000 — a bargain, according to the agent. “If there were a curse on it, I wouldn’t be in it,” joked Donna Walesiewicz, the broker selling the 3,370-square-foot residence. “It is what it is, a nice old stately home.” Continue reading over at CNN.

Or, would you rather live in an exact replica of Disneyland and Disneyworld’s “Haunted Mansion”?

Theme Park Connection, a company that specializes in selling rare Disney collectibles, has posted the 10,000-square-foot-home in Duluth, GA, for $873,000 on eBay, says THR. The four-story, seven bedrooms, six bath mansion was custom-built to the dimensions and architectural structure of Disney’s ride attraction. Owner and designer Mark Hurt, who is also a Disney contractor, included a matching children’s playhouse, a hot tub, a two-story library, an elevator shaft, and in-law/nanny suite. Hurt even used the same foundry as Walt Disney to make the hand-welded iron railings of the balconies. One of the bathrooms is supposed to give that “haunted” effect. When the faucet turns on, the lights flicker and dim as a skeleton appears in the mirror, and the ride’s music and voiceover echos on for a “spooky” time.

Watch the video below to see if the Disney-inspired house is worth the price tag.