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Get (Classy) Drunk Courtesy Of Amon Amarth

Amon Amarth are the latest band to unveil an official wine in their name. Simply titled “Amon Amarth”, the shiraz is only available to those living in Germany (bastards) and runs a very reasonable price of 14.99 EUR (less than $19.50) per bottle. If you’ve got a friend in Germany that can snag you a bottle, you can have them order you a bottle here. Check below for a shot of the bottle.

The thing about wine is that it doesn’t lend itself to the same shenanigans that mead does when I think of vikings. What, instead of pillaging a village drunk on mead do they drink a glass of this wine whilst committing a corporate takeover? Instead of bashing some dude’s head in, do they make a phone call to some shady character to quietly “silence someone”? I’m not sure here but I think this takes some of the fun out of the whole viking aspect.

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