[TV] "Munsters" Offshoot "Mockingbird Lane" Now To Be A Halloween Special - Bloody Disgusting
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[TV] “Munsters” Offshoot “Mockingbird Lane” Now To Be A Halloween Special



Yesterday we hinted that this was coming. Bryan Fuller’s “Munsters” remake “Mockingbird Lane” has reportedly been floundering at NBC and now the netwrok brass has found a way to recoup on their investment.

Fuller denied earlier claims that the show is in trouble, but the report was somewhat damning. That the whole thing could be a TV Movie was a possibility yesterday. “NBC has a big decision to make regarding its high-profile reboot of “The Munsters”. After two years in development and a pilot that sources say cost a whopping $10 million, the network is said to be unhappy with Mockingbird Lane (named for the famed family’s 1313 address) and is on the verge of scrapping the whole project… Sources say the network could choose to air the completed pilot as a Halloween special (either this year or next), or it might decide to shoot extra footage and package it as a made-for-TV movie for international buyers.”

And now it’s real. Per THR it will be a Halloween special and will air on NBC Friday, Oct. 26 at 8 PM. No word yet on an eventual series if the pilot performs well.


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