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“The Waking Dead” Showrunner Teases Potential Movie Prequel

Back on August 13 we told you exclusively that AMC was planning a The Waking Dead feature film, based on the Robert Kirkman comic series that also spawned the popular show now entering its third season.

This afternoon TVLine shared a video interview (where they hilariously use the terms “thrill ride” twice) with showrunner Glenn Mazzara (and the cast) who revealed that a prequel movie could be in the works. The interview is a bit playful, so take what he says with a small grain of salt. With that said, you should expect a movie if the show continues to break records.

The way I look at this prison is when the outbreak happened there was a zombie movie that took place in a prison,” explains Mazzara. “One day maybe well go back and film that movie, and now our guys come in and they’re sort of the sequel to what happened. So there are survivors in that prions, damage in the prison,” he continues. “So walkers keep coming in, its never safe. They fooled themselves into thinking the farm was safe. From the jump they know this prison is not safe.

Speaking on the popular Governor, played by David Morrissey, he adds, “You will not have to wait long to meet [him].

“The Walking Dead” returns October 14 only on AMC (and not Dish!).



  • djblack1313

    i’d like a pre-quel movie but not of the prison!! lol. if they do a pre-quel with the characters (& the original actors/actresses who portrayed them) from the first season (Amy, Andrea, Jacqui, Dale, etc, etc). we get flashes of what happened right before/at the start of the outbreak for a couple of characters but i’d like the pre-quel to show, for example, how Amy & Andrea met up with Dale (Darabont wanted to show this in the show before he was let go by AMC).

  • wildgator25

    C’mon MrDisgusting! “The Waking Dead”?? Need a proofreader on-site, I can help you with that, lol. Anyways, I hope my Zombie friends can accomplish a major feat today when they march on Washington to try and convince Dish Network and AMC to reach an 11’th hour agreement. I seriously doubt anything will become of it, but at least someone is trying something new!

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