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[NYCC ’12] DC Announces Jim Lee And Scott Snyder’s Superman Comic!

Half way through the DC Comics New 52 Superman panel, Jim Lee and Scott Snyder were brought in to join the gang of Superman writers and artists on stage. This was quickly followed by the announcement of a new Superman title from Snyder and Lee, set for 2013, the 75th anniversary of the character.

This has been rumored for the past few weeks, but it is now official. Not many details were released about the project, but Snyder said he was really going to test the Man of Steel and explore how Clark Kent is affected by all the crazy stuff in his life. More on the panel after the break.

Grant Morrison announced that his final three issues on “Action Comics”, 15, 16, and 17, will explore the history of Superman in the New 52, death included.

Andy Diggle and Tony Daniel will take over after Morrison’s run comes to an end.

This month begins the “H’el on Earth” storyline that spans across the Superman books. As pictured above, Superboy and Batman will have their first run-in during in the coming months.




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