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‘[REC] 4 Apocalypse’ Sales Promo Is Here!

Just in time for Sitges Filmax International has officially unveiled its sales trailer for [REC] 4 Apocalypse, the fourth and final installment of the [REC] series to be directed by franchise co-creator Jaume Balaguero. It should be known that there is no actual footage from the sequel as it has yet to go behind cameras.

[REC] 4 Apocalypse, produced by Julio Fernandez for Filmax, will be shot early next year.

Angela Vidal, the young television reporter who entered the building with the fireman, manages to make it out alive. But what the soldiers don’t know is that she carries the seed of the strange infection.

She is to be taken to a provisional quarantine facility, a high-security installation where she will have to stay in isolation for several days. An old oil tanker, miles off shore and surrounded by water on all sides, has been especially equipped for the quarantine.



  • doomas10

    I loved Rec 1 and I considered Rec 2 ten times better! Unfortunatel didn’t see Rec 3 althought I have heard mixed reviews about it. Maybe Rec 4 will be still awesome just like the first two?

    • viking1983

      rec 3 is fucking awesome one of the best horrors in years great tributes to other horrors in it as well

  • Milk

    Rec 1 and 2 were awesome and the third was total trash. I don’t know what the hell happened between 2 and 3. A fourth one does not entice me.

  • DesignDeath

    My feels…

  • djblack1313

    i enjoyed the 3rd movie. i admit it’s not as good as the 1st two but it was still good. even though i loved very much Clara & Kodo and was rooting for them the entire movie i feel setting the movie in a wedding with people unconnected to the either of the first movies didn’t help. i have a feeling part 4 is going to be very good!

  • Moses-Fears

    I like all the rec movies, can’t wait till the 4th one comes out.

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