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[NYCC ’12] David Goyer And Geoff Johns Team Up For A 13-Issue DC Comics Event

David S. Goyer, who is now better known for co-writing the Dark Knight Trilogy with Chris Nolan, is making his long-awaited return to comic writing. Announced during his Da Vinci’s Demons panel, Goyer spilled the beans that him and long-time collaborator, Geoff Johns have been planning to write a big event within the DC universe. He said, “I have plans to do something with Geoff Johns that’s been on the drawing books for a while. Basically, [we’re] just looking for the time to plot it out. DC is holding the space for it, it’s an event that we’re going to do, it’s a 13-issue thing. Hopefully, we’ll start plotting it out this fall.” Look for his return to comics within the coming year.

Nothing else was said about the planned event. This will also mark the reunion of the Goyer-Johns collaborative team, who worked together on “JSA” for nearly 50 issues.



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