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Lady Gaga Gets Eaten By A Lion In The New Die Antwoord Video

Okay, so it’s not actually Lady Gaga. But it’s pretty obvious who Die Antwoord is mocking in their latest video “Fatty Boom Boom”. A blonde woman in ridiculous glasses wearing a meat dress is forced to run through the slums of South Africa after her guards get into a bit of a shoot out. From there on, the band takes over the vast majority of the screen doing their usual insane dances, creepy visuals flowing left and right. Halfway through the video, “Lady Gaga” goes into a dentist/gynecologist’s office (I’m sorry, what?) due to pain she’s having in her nether bits. While I won’t say what comes out, just know that it’s pretty damn disgusting. Check out the video below.

The song comes from Die Antwoord’s second studio album Ten$Ion (iTunes).

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