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Killer Clown Stalks ‘Inside’ Duo’s ‘Among the Living’!

SND, the distribution-sales-production arm of France’s M6 Group, will co-produce and sell internationally genre thriller Among the Living, the next film from cult Gallic scare-fare directors Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo (Inside, Livid), Variety reports.

‘Living’ turns on three youngsters who skip school, wander around an abandoned amusement park and suddenly see a woman in chains being dragged through a field by a man in a clown’s mask. Worse still, the masked man catches a glimpse of the boys.

It stars Chloe Coulloud, Livid‘s lead, Lannick Gautry and Francis Renaud. Beatrice Dalle, the scissor-wielding, house-invading maniac of the duo’s debut Inside, has a cameo role, as in Livid.

Shoot takes place in south-west France in spring 2013.

SND also co-produced and sold Livid. Dimension Films picked up both Livid and Inside (this was dumped on DVD and had several minutes removed to appease Blockbuster). Livid is collecting dust as they explore a remake.

Situating “Living” as a “Stephen King-like story at the crossroads between Stand By Me and It,” Lionel Uzan, SND director of acquisitions and internatioal sales, said. “Among the Living explores a new kind of fear in a gripping thriller where kids try to escape a mysterious man/creature.”



  • djblack1313

    i’m excited for this. i love very much INSIDE. LIVID had good moments and great atmosphere but was lacking. i love these two director’s. also PLEASE GIVE THE SUPERB BEATRICE DALLE MORE THAN JUST A CAMEO FOR THIS NEW MOVIE!!! i was really disappointed watching LIVID and Beatrice literally is in the movie for about 20 seconds. Dalle should have played the lead character Jessel.

  • Boonraiser

    A remake of Livid? I agree with djblack1313 about it too. It could have been better but had a lot going for it. I will watch whatever these guys come up with. Man, I’m glad I’ve never seen this cut version of Inside people always talk about. Most places in Toronto had the Unrated, except Blockbuster. It’s one of my favourites.

  • horrorking95

    Oh my God I’m so excited! Inside is probably my favourite ever horror film! I’ve not seen Livid yet, but I am extremely excited to, despite the somewhat mixed reviews. This sounds brilliant. If you put it in the hands of any other director/s, it would sound mediocre, but I think these two can turn it into a superbly intense gem!

  • Bring it the fuck on!
    I loved Inside and Livid.

  • joe31183

    Livid was pretty lame. Not sure why they’d want to remake it.

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