[Halloween Treat] "Walking Dead" Musical, Mechanical 'Predator' Head, Toothy Shoes, Check Your Horror Facts! - Bloody Disgusting
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[Halloween Treat] “Walking Dead” Musical, Mechanical ‘Predator’ Head, Toothy Shoes, Check Your Horror Facts!



Artists Mariana Fantich and Dominic Young of Fantich & Young have created a pair of men’s dress shoes called the “Apex Predator Shoes” (above) that look perfectly normal from a distance, until you turn them over and check out the soles. There you’ll find 1,050 teeth dentures glued on the bottom, with two gold teeth at the toes of the shoes, Yahoo discovered. At the link you’ll also see the “Apex Predator Suit” made out of human hair, more dentures, and glass eyes.

It’s time to check your horror knowledge with 34 Facts About Halloween Movies That Will Blow Your Mind. The list includes factoids such as Robert De Niro and Robin Williams having been in talks for the role of Jack in The Shining, or how about the fact that Tobe Hooper was originally going to call Texas Chainsaw Massacre Head Cheese?

Inside we’ve added “The Walking Dead Musical!” Where Zombies don’t only eat brains, but also sing and dance! Ben Chavez, Andrew Bridges, Elizabeth Oldak, Kelsey Schergen, Amanda Pinto, Nick Berke, Sommer Carbuccia, Joshua Israel and Antonius Nazareth all star. Vijay Nazareth directs this “Glee”-esque “Walking Dead” parody.

Lastly comes a behind-the-scenes look at a Predator Mechanical Head from Fox’s 2007 Aliens vs Predator: Requiem, vai studioADI. “In editing these videos we realized how little footage we have of mechanical heads without skins attached. That’s because usually by the time the animatronics are done, it’s fairly late in the build schedule, so skins get put on as quickly as possible, and often at about midnight, to be ready for painting by morning. We decided to peel the head skin off the “Wolf’s” face, and show you what goes on inside a Predator’s head!


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