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[Box Office] ‘Paranormal Activity 4’ Opens 43% Lower Than ‘Part 3’, ‘Paranormal Activity 5’ Officially Announced

Paramount Pictures’ Paranormal Activity 4 hit theaters on Friday. And it pulled in a little north of $30M domestic (and around $26.5M foreign for a worldwide total of around $57M). All in all this is a huge success for a film that only cost $5M to produce. They’re already in the black. It’s just not as huge of a success as they’re used to. That’s down $22M in the opening frame from PA3 and down $10M or so from PA2, which makes it the weakest performer in the series since PA1 opened in limited theaters in 2009.

Overall the film has a pretty weak Cinemascore, polled audiences gave it a “C” which means a lot of them will be telling their friends not to go (I guess they agreed with Brad). It could end up as the lowest (or 2nd lowest) grossing entry. But let’s not break out the violins just yet. This series is still insanely profitable – and Paramount just officially announced Paranormal Activity 5 for October 2013.

My hope? Either drop the mythology completely or answer some questions about it. The whole “witches” angle isn’t very scary to me. Seeing Katie running around breaking people’s necks isn’t very scary to me either. So either get interesting with some answers or get scary again with ghosts f*cking with people in new ways. Maybe stop tossing people around and figure something else out? I really liked PA3 because it had some legit scary moments – and I’d like a return to pushing things forward in the medium rather than adding a bunch of expositional mumbo jumbo. Maybe this series is like Star Trek and every other one will be good.

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  • al343806

    So, I went against my better judgment and saw this last night. I completely agree with Brad’s review. This was by far the weakest of the series. The scares were boring and the plot felt very stagnant. The main plot twist (which I will not reveal in case anyone does want to see the movie) was very confusing and was explained very poorly. I’m not sure what the team behind this one was thinking, but this was by far the biggest letdown.

    Story: 3/10
    Acting: 5/10
    Direction: 2/10

    Overall: 3/10

  • Kwonkicker

    If you want them to drop the mythology, then there would be no story because the film’s basis for the story is centered on the mythology. All that needs to be done is a more concise explanation for it. And I call bullshit here: The people who love to rant on and on about the scares of part 3 are the same ones who then complain it’s the same old same old or my favorite “the scares are cheap and boring”

    Newsflash: IT’S THE EXACT SAME THING FROM PREVIOUS FILMS. Make your minds up, sheesh

  • flesheater24

    PLEASE STOP! PLEASE. NO MORE! Well if you do what you did with 3 then it’ll be awesome and scary, take your fucking time you get a whole year to write and film its not that hard to think of something and film it I can think of a million things give me the money and crew and I’ll give you a motherfuckin scary movie. But stop feeding us this horse shit only reason I wanted to watch this piece of shit film is because I thought hey #3 was by far the best out of them all and maybe 4 will be too so I went in all pumped for new scares and what do I get that ugly fat chick with weird tits cracking peoples necks and throwing them around and turning into a fuckin demon dinosaur oh god so scary. OMG OMG I am so scared so my dick. I am done with this rant. PEACE.

    PS> MAKE 5 scary or give THE FUCK UP.

    Sorry for cursing so much it just makes me so angry that I paid 15$ for IMAX to expect something at least scary. At least sinister promise on scares and freaked me out to no extent 🙂

    • grayghost

      thanks for the spoilers asshole…guess you saved me some money.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Not surprised by this at all. Like or not, Paranormal Activity has a fan following, and this series will probably live until Paranormal Activity 8, unfortunately.

  • Samhain2010

    The thing is that they need start developing an end game. They need to hire someone to guide this franchise along in the right direction. They need to ditch the house setting. They need to explain who is editing the tapes together so that they can be viewed by us, the viewer. My suggestion to get out of this rut is to follow police officers investigating the murders. They come across the footage at each crime. The police are the ones that have cut the footage together. They can still use the found footage aspect since the police have cameras all over the place. They investigate the killings that leads them to the coven of witches. The cops die and we move on to PA6. They end the series with PA6 which is shot without the shaky-cam crap. As far as the mythology, does it really matter? The story has kind of already been told. We don’t need any further explanations. They need to take the story in a new direction, get out of the freaking house, come up with some better scares than sheets moving and throwing people, stop using silly camera ideas, and just get down to some scary witch/ demon stuff. Push the envelope a little. Put 10-15 million into the movie and do something different. Give us some “Kill List” type weirdo satanic stuff. For the sixth one make an awesome studio movie. Go out with a bang.

    • grayghost

      Total agree about getting into who is behind the release of this footage. That could be how we get away from this mythology. It could be a demonologist who gathers found footage and evidence of demons existing.

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