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10 Different Zombies You’ll Run Into This Halloween



Along with witches and vampires, zombies remain a solid, go-to Halloween costume choice for those not quite sure what costume to pick. As a result, Halloweens tend to be overpopulated with the walking dead. This isn’t a bad thing, necessarily. There are nearly as many different zombie costumes out there as there are regular ones.

Here, we’ve listed just ten of the zombies you might meet this Halloween.

George W. Bush Zombie

The George W. Bush zombie knows how to party. He can put the brews away and reigns supreme at bobbing for apples. But don’ t put him in charge of anything important.

This costume is little more than a cool mask, so the lower half depends on the person. There might be a lot of George W. Bush zombies out there who happen to have the bodies of Zombie Chris Christy, if you know what I mean.

Sexy Nurse Zombie

It’s halloween, so sexy nurses are a forgone conclusion. It stands to reason that there would also be zombie sexy nurses. We are not animals, after all.

This particular sexy nurse zombie leaves a lot to be desired. She’s pretty much just a bloody sexy nurse without much zombie signifiers at all. Perhaps if you take her mask off, she’ll reveal a big toothy mouth with no bottom jaw or something. One can only hope.

Sexy Dorothy Zombie

Now this is more like it! If you’re going to go as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, why not go that extra mile and make her one of the living dead?

And unlike the sexy nurse zombie, this one actually has some real zombification going on. We see her ribs poking out. Her face is all messed up. And her lunch basket with Toto also packs a severed forearm. Sold! Though it would be better if Toto were a zombie, too.

Plants vs. Zombies Zombie

Plenty of companies are offering good, cute Plants vs. Zombie Plant costumes, but no one out there offers a good Plants vs. Zombies Zombie costume. So if you see one, that person likely put the costume together themselves, a difficult feat considering the highly recognizable zombie faces used in that game. It’s one thing to make your own zombie costume. It’s something else entirely to make your zombie conform with specific cartoon features. In other words, if you run into this particular zombie, buy them a drink.

Slash Zombie

Of all the living guitarists out there, it’s probably no surprise that the number one player to get the zombie treatment be slash. His iconic top hat, curly hair, and tattered black clothes make him instantly recognizable, even when covered with gore. On top of that, he already played a zombie once himself as a drawing on the Appetite for Destruction cover. Uniting zombies with Slash may seem like a no brainer but that doesn’t mean it’s not a match made in Hollywood Heaven.

Batman Zombie

There are a shocking number of super hero zombie costumes out there, but this is one of the few really good ones. Obviously, you get points right off the bat for going with Batman. It only makes sense that a hero so united with shadows get the zombie treatment.

But this particular costume goes the extra mile by including the Black Lantern Corps. insignia, making Batman Zombie a canon zombie character rather than some randomly thrown together super hero-zombie hodgepodge. So not only does this costume surprise and look cool, but it’s geek-approved as well.

Sock Monkey Zombie

As children we loved our old sock monkeys. As adults, we love zombies. So why use Halloween as an opportunity to put them together once and for all?

It’s the definition of random, but you can’t accuse it of lacking creativity. This costume gets bonus points for potentially scarring the childhood of any child you happen to come across. Sure it looks silly, but just imagine one of these coming after you.

Panda Zombie

All bets should be off on Halloween. So I’m not going to sit here and act like there’s something wrong with a big fat Panda Zombie. I don’t really know what it’s supposed to mean or how a Panda become a zombie, but I’m all for Halloween parties that take on the same randomness of a Tekken match. Too bad there’s not a Giant Block of Wood Zombie to go with it.

Rob Zombie

Technically, Rob Zombie’s more a Zombie than any of these other guys, so his might be the ultimate zombie costume (though maybe not since ‘Zombie’ isn’t his real last name). If you run into a Rob Zombie Zombie, don’t worry too much. He seems like a nice guy in real life. So long as you’re not going as Marilyn Manson, you’ll probably be okay. It’s still unclear how any zombie properties Zombie picked up with the name, though, so keep at arms length regardless of how nice he seems. It’s not like his films offer scenes of exemplary sanity.

Good Old Fashioned Homemade Zombie

More than any of the other zombies on this list, these guys are who you’re most likely to run into. Nearly anyone can put together a decent zombie costume. And with every person comes a slightly different variation of the theme. Honestly, these home cooked heroes are who keep Halloween costumes alive, so high five them on their ingenuity. While you’re at it, team up with them to knock over all the big, store-bought Panda zombies.