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The ‘Evil Dead’ Trailer Hits Tomorrow, Here’s A Video Teaser!

Sony Pictures/FilmDistrict has announced that tomorrow will see the online premiere of the trailer for Evil Dead, the Fede Alvarez-directed remake of Sam Raimi’s 1981 cult classic The Evil Dead. Getting everyone psyched, they’ve shared the following teaser video that’s we’ve added alongside a few grabs. The Book of the Dead anyone?

In theaters April 12, “Five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin. When they discover a Book of the Dead, they unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival.” Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Elizabeth Blackmore, Jessica Lucas and (supposedly) Bruce Campbell also star.

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  • GhettoWerewolf

    A teaser trailer for the teaser trailer? lol. But I’m still getting more and more excited with everything I see and hear about this movie. Pretty stoked about getting to see some clear footage from the film tomorrow.

  • djblack1313

    I. CAN’T. WAIT!!!!!

  • Lauren Taylor

    I’m still so uneasy about this. The leaked trailer looked ok, but…my gut is still saying no. We shalt see tomorrow then…

  • EvanDickson

    Trust me the movie will be intense. But I have a feeling tomorrow’s teaser might not be red band

  • Kroork

    My most anticipated movie for sure!!

  • Forsythia

    That got me psyched! I hope this won’t be a let down like almost every other remake.

  • djblack1313

    i must admit i love the green filter (or whatever it’s called) that this film has. i’m thrilled movies are leaving the bluest blue filters behind. the green filtering makes it look wonderfully grungy/dirty. i love it!

    • mav07

      I really like the colors as well. Zombie used a lot of the same green/yellowish colors on “Rejects”. I love it

  • Marty McFly


    • Darkness69


    • Eileen

      It will.

    • SweetInsanity

      Couldn’t have said it better myself, my thoughts Exactly….i truly hope this movie doesn’t turn out to be a flop..

  • Taboo

    This looks really good, has got me excited

  • Remember-Slithis

    Hopefully this is the caliber of the “Dawn Of The Dead” remake!

  • KeepDoubting

    My body is so ready.

  • sascha henschel

    Hopefully the trailer does not already showed the best scenes.
    Because there is a lot of stuff shown in the handy cam version.

    Fingers crossed for an uncensored german version of the movie when it hits cinemas in April..!

  • SweetInsanity

    Oh i’m so interested in this remake…..the original movies of Evil Dead is an undoubtedly 1 of my most favorite series of movies there are, but i’m sure we all know how remakes can ruin a good cult classic. I have high hopes for this movie, hopefully i won’t be disappointed. btw..Bruce Campbell, Love the actor, goes right up on my favorites list near Billy Zane. haha

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