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[Halloween Treat] ‘The Shining’ Edition! Trading Cards And The REAL Finale!



We have only one week until Halloween so I bet drop filling your bags with a few more treats!

This afternoon’s edition focuses on Stanley Kubrick’s legendary 1980 The Shining, in which a family heads to an isolated hotel for the winter where an evil and spiritual presence influences the father (Jack Nicholson) into violence, while his psychic son sees horrific forebodings from the past and of the future.

A bit of fun to kick off the post as we’ve added some faux 1980’s inspired trading cards created by blog site Maninthewarmestplacetohide. See the Grady Twins, the Sno-Cat, and a decomposed old woman!

In more interesting news, at the end of the film you’ll see a photo of Jack Torrance with the entire dinner party from years past. The Overlook Hotel has shared the original, unaltered period photo into which actor Jack Nicholson was composited to create the iconic photograph seen in the final shots of The Shining! According to the site, these images were found in a book entitled “The Complete Airbrush and Photo-Retouching Manual,” which was originally published in 1985. The author of the book was the retouching artist responsible for creating the composited image.

Says the site: “The original photographs of Jack Nicholson are located in the Stanley Kubrick Archive in London, and inspection of them reveals that only Nicholson’s head, collar, and bowtie were used; the rest of the figure is the anonymous man in the original 1923 photograph.

Interestingly, close examination of images from the film reveals that two different photo-composites were used: one for the long tracking shot which pushes down the hall towards the photo, and a different one for the extreme close-up. Nicholson’s composited head rotates from one photo to the next, and his shoulder shifts, partially obscuring the woman holding the cigarette behind him.”


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