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[Contest] Win The Bat For Lashes Discography PLUS Depeche Mode “Strangelove” Cover LP

Bloody-Disgusting is excited to bring you a chance to win the Bat For Lashes discography, which includes Fur And Gold, Two Suns, and The Haunted Man (review). On top of that, we’ll be also including an LP of the Depeche Mode cover of “Strangelove”. To find out how to enter, head on down below!

Bat For Lashes just released The Haunted Man on Oct. 12th. US touring plans are tentatively planned for early 2013. You can pick up a copy of The Haunted Man on iTunes.

One winner will receive:
x1 Bat For Lashes Fur And Gold CD
x1 Bat For Lashes Two Suns CD
x1 Bat For Lashes The Haunted Man CD
x1 Bat For Lashes “Strangelove” LP (Depeche Mode cover)

1. No purchase necessary
2. Contest will run for two weeks, from Oct. 25th until Nov. 8th
3. Winner will be contacted via BD message, so make sure to have your email notification settings on!

Leave a comment below and you’re entered! Remember, the winner will be contacted via BD message, so keep an eye out!

Got any thoughts/questions/concerns for Jonathan Barkan? Shoot him a message on Twitter or on Bloody-Disgusting!



  • Googopqp

    I’m in

  • J-SiN


  • Yolanda Flores

    I absolutely love Depeche Mode!

  • LiamZH

    I am batty for this

  • DJofTheDead

    Enjoy the Silence

  • Beanis

    A trophy of mercy is a trophy no more.

  • LennitW

    Great…count me in

  • honorbuddy

    I want to win!

  • lupe

    I love everything about Natasha Khan’s music

  • whoa-a-zombie

    Glad that BD’s music coverage is branching out!

  • Trioxin83

    Sweet!! 😉

  • agr1277



    gimmme gimme gimme!!!!

  • Billy

    Depeche mode is my all time favorite group!! Would love this! Can’t wait for the new record!!

  • miradotheblack

    *Walks in and SHAKES HIS BOOTY* <That is prize worthy

  • BornVillian

    I’ve been such a huge Depeche Mode fan for as long as I can remember. Over the past year I’ve been collecting records from my favorite bands. This LP would make such an awesome addition to my collection. I’m not a praying man but I’ll pray to my own Personal Jesus to win this one haha.

  • Benatar01

    I LOVE – LOVE – LOVE, BAT FOR LASHES!!! 🙂 I’m simply batty about them!!! 😮 HAaaa!!!

  • lunarflesh

    Oh, I’m absolutely in! 🙂

  • Shoegazer

    Oh snap! I want this so fucking bad. RAPE ME IF YOU MUST!


  • Shoegazer

    Oh snap! I want this so fucking bad. RAPE ME IF YOU MUST! Do what you must!


  • Shoegazer

    I wanna win this prize so bad i’ll give head to anyone.


  • 2nahelper

    LOVE HER!!! Good luck to all!

  • crow454

    Thrill me.

  • miistermorphine

    loooove her. ever since i heard daniel i’ve been obsessed with her music. she’s really talented. just bought a turntable too finally and actually just ordered fur and gold on vinyl a few days ago. =)!!!

  • death-nerve

    I would love this!

  • thouartlord


  • grrr-_-argh


  • Derek Diercksmeier

    I MUST WIN!!!!

  • joesey

    I love Bat For Lashes! Her new album is wicked haunted!

  • doctorfodder

    happy to take this off your hands 😉

  • Ranon1313

    In for the Win. The Haunted Man album cover is just amazing by the way. She is hot.

  • Evil_Flip

    I’m in. I really like the retro feel of Bat for Lashes. it’s makes me miss the 80s.

  • Ojayy

    I love this!

  • sweett8er


  • Anouchka

    ” I will rise now and go about the city .. “

  • Derek Diercksmeier

    I’M IN!

  • lupetohee

    yay! I wish I could win!

  • spydr36

    I wish I would discovered this artist a while, I just heard her music a month ago and what I heard was amazing. I will be picking up Haunted Man as soon as Im paid.

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