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Pumpkin Gets Bitey In Eric England’s ‘Trick Or Treater: Part 2’!!!

Writer/director Eric England (Madison County, Roaside, Contracted) has provided (via an exclusive with us) you guys with another halloween treat in the form of a followup to last year’s Trick Or Treater short. If you’ll recall – and if you didn’t see it we’ve included below the jump as well – last year Ace Marrero (Madison County, Roadside) lost his gal Katie Stegeman (Roadside, Contracted) to a killer Cucurbita. And now it’s time for Trick Or Treater: Part Two!

This year he’s moved on to live with Charley Koontz (“Community”, Rubber, Contracted). But, much like Paxton in Hostel 2, he’s brought his baggage as a survivor to his new roommate. It’s pretty NSFW, with copious gore and an in-all-likelihood-illegal sexual act, but it’s a Sunday so that shouldn’t be a problem!

The short was produced by England and Matt Mercer (who is featured in an anonymous cameo in the beginning alongside Stegeman). Cinematography is by Mike Testin and editing by Josh Ethier. Head inside to check it out!




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