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Did You Guys Wants A Direct-To-Home Video ‘Fright Night’ Sequel?

The one thing that I actually love about a remake is that it, assuming a sequel gets made, they’ll be forced to do something original. Unfortunately, when a reboot does poorly, typically the sequel is a direct-to-home video dumper (see, well, pretty much everything except Wrong Turn 2).

ShockTillYouDrop is reporting that Eduardo Rodriguez (Curandero, Fear Itself, Stash House) has been tapped to helm Fright Night 2, a direct-to-video sequel to DreamWorks’ 2011 remake that bombed at the box officie ($18 total domestic, $40 million worldwide). It must have made an impact on home video for them to move forward on a sequel…

The site adds that we shouldn’t expect Colin Farrell or Anton Yelchin to return.

The direct-to-DVD sequel will be a stand-alone story and begin shooting in Romania soon.

Fright Night told of a young man who learns a vampire has moved in next door. The door spun off of that idea and set the events in Las Vegas where Charlie Brewster enlists Peter Vincent, a Vegas illusionist, to take on the vampire who has targeted his family.

Tom Holland directed the 1985 Fright Night that spawned a sequel in 1988 that reuniting its main cast members Roddy McDowall and William Ragsdale.



  • Aaron Emery


  • djblack1313

    will there be rollerskating vampires in this one? lol. this could be a fun, dumb movie. maybe a decent way to kill an hour and a half?

  • JacksonTheHorrorGuy

    If they brought David Tennant back and made it about him hunting vampires after the events of Fright Night it could work. Maybe bring Anton Yelchin back in a cameo. I could go for that. However I doubt they will do that, they’ll probably just do some random vampire movie and just slap the Fright Night title in it to sell DVD’s & Blu-Ray’s.

    • Samhain2010

      I would love to see tennant back! That would be a great idea. I actually re-watched the remake a week ago. It’s not nearly as bad as people make it out to be. If they made a fun sequel with tennat in the lead then I would be on board!

  • ThunderDragoon

    Really? Wow.

  • undertaker78

    I loved the remake of Fright Night and cannot wait for the sequel (even if it is direct to video). The haters can suck it (no pun intended).

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