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[AFM ’12] Trailer For Indie Horror Comedy ‘Bloodmarsh Krackoon’

The official website for the comedy horror film Bloodmarsh Krackoon has gone live, and Amuck Productions has posted the first trailer.

Jerry Landi wrote and directed this sequel to the film festival circuitcult favorite Krackoon, which also serves as a reboot for horror fans who did not see the original. Marc J.Makowski (Slime City, Slime City Massacre) produced the film, for which he is currently providing CGI with his South Bronx EFX Works partner, Julio Garay.

Krackoon Bloodmarsh, which tells the story of mutant raccoons with a bad habit infesting the Bronx, is scheduled for completion at the end of this year and should premiere in January 2013. Sal Amore, who appeared in the original, co-stars with actress and former Playmate Cindy Guyer (Psycho Cop), Gina De Salvatore and returning Joe Ferri.



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