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[AFM ’12] New Pic From ‘The Last Exorcism 2’ Bends Over Backwards For You

StudioCanal’s secretive The Last Exorcism 2 made an appearance at the American Film Market in Santa Monica this morning. In the film, Ashley Bell returns as Nell Sweetzer, the possessed young girl, with Ed Gass-Donnelly is directing.

The sequel follows Nell (Bell) who, six months after the first film’s events, has move to a halfway house only to realize that the demon that has ruined her life is still after her! Without giving anything away, the sequel takes an interesting romantic approach that’s spun around Nell’s new boyfriend, Chris (I’m not sure who’s playing the character). A subplot is that Bell is also targeted by a group of rogue Reverends who mean to kill her. The twist is something never before seen in an exorcism film.

Head inside for the full pic!




    Oh damn! I’m so excited! I really enjoyed the first film. A lot of people didn’t like The Last Exorcism and complain about the ending and how sudden and random it was. I agree that it could have ended better, but… hey, I didn’t write the screenplay and it was still very effective for me. It is definitely one of the only Exorcism films that has actually scared me so I will certainly be catching the second one.

  • ThunderDragoon

    The first one was terrible. This has to be better.

  • lucie-with-a-gun

    ugh. my back so hurts.

  • sdg1105

    Wow the first one was crap. It sounds better then the first so one can only hope its good.

  • djblack1313

    i never saw the first movie but isn’t the title of it false advertising? The LAST Exorcism (since clearly there’s going to be another exorcism)??? sorta like The NEVERENDING Story which DID end. …………..totally joking! 🙂

    • WalkingDeadGuy

      ‘The last Exorcism’ referred to the priest in the first film performing “his” last exorcism… The first movie was good, but left a lot to be desired. If not for the ending, I would not be at all interested in this sequel.

  • If there was one movie that didn’t need a sequel, it was “The Last Exorcism”. the first one was disappointing as a horror film (the performances by the actors, however, were the films only saving grace), and the sequel needs to rectify plenty of the mistakes made by the first film to even be a competent horror movie. I am not even cautiously optimistic about this, as I am sure it will be rubbish. Still, we can hope for the best.

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