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[AFM ’12] Paul W.S. Anderson Shoots Volcano Epic ‘Pompeii’ In April, What Does This Mean For ‘Resident Evil 6’?

Making an appearance at the American Film Market in Santa Monica this morning were some promotional materials for Pompeii, the new epic from Paul W.S.Anderson (Resident Evil 5, Event Horizon) that details the burying of that ancient village by a Volcano.

You may remember a few years back when it was speculated that Anderson might indeed skip Resident Evil 5, after all Pompeii was scheduled to come out in the spring of 2012 and RE5 for September of 2012. Obviously, only one of those films made their date. And while Retribution’s global take of $217,719,678M is a bit lower than Afterlife’s $296,221,663M – it’s by no means a flop. And Anderson has said that he is committed to finishing his “new trilogy” within the franchise.

What do you think? Can Anderson pull of both Pompeii and RE6? Do you want him to? Head inside for the synopsis!




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