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[AFM ’12] Paul W.S. Anderson Shoots Volcano Epic ‘Pompeii’ In April, What Does This Mean For ‘Resident Evil 6’?

Making an appearance at the American Film Market in Santa Monica this morning were some promotional materials for Pompeii, the new epic from Paul W.S.Anderson (Resident Evil 5, Event Horizon) that details the burying of that ancient village by a Volcano.

You may remember a few years back when it was speculated that Anderson might indeed skip Resident Evil 5, after all Pompeii was scheduled to come out in the spring of 2012 and RE5 for September of 2012. Obviously, only one of those films made their date. And while Retribution’s global take of $217,719,678M is a bit lower than Afterlife’s $296,221,663M – it’s by no means a flop. And Anderson has said that he is committed to finishing his “new trilogy” within the franchise.

What do you think? Can Anderson pull of both Pompeii and RE6? Do you want him to? Head inside for the synopsis!



  • doomas10

    Interesting. I think Anderson is a great visually director and knows how to create atmosphere. But ffs dude, please do not write the script! You were always better with someone else’s story (mortal kombat, event horizon).

  • divisionbell

    It means we can finally be hopeful that the awful series will finally die. Let someone reboot it and give fans the franchise they deserve, not the mindless garbage Anderson puts on the screen. They’ve basically become the Saw/PA franchise but with really high production values. Nothing of substance in any of them (at least not since the first) but they do look good.

  • joesey

    I hope he does Resident Evil 6 and brings back Chris and Claire Redfield.

    • djblack1313

      joesey, i agree that Ali’s Claire and Went’s Chris MUST return for this final movie!! i love Ali as Claire a lot! and them not even being shown on the deck of the Arcadia during anypart of that battle in RETRIBUTION was glaring and a mistake on Anderson’s part. he could have at least used stunt people dressed as Claire & Chris and filmed them from behind or something. lol.

  • djblack1313

    i’ve been a BIG Res Evil movie fan (i’m not a gamer) since the first movie and i’ve very much liked or loved each installment (RE:DAMNATION was pretty good too!) yes, that includes AFTERLIFE but RETRIBUTION was an abomination. it was reused bits from other RE movies (the Executioner scene was so unnecessary and bland. Claire’s run in with him in AFTERLIFE was much better) and other movies in general.

    it also had some of the worst acting (yes, even for a RE movie! LOL) i’ve seen in a while. i love Sienna’s Jill in APOCALYPSE but what the fuck happened in RET?!! even Milla (who i love) was bad for the most part. Aryana Engineer who played Becky (from the movie ORPHAN) was excellent in this as was the awesome Michelle Rodriguez & Kevin Durand as Barry. this movie actually turned me off to this current franchise so much! lol.

    i’d love it so much if Anderson didn’t write or direct this last film (there are reports saying they have two more movies planned. i’m thinking they’ll shoot the movie and break it into 2 parts like HARRY POTTER), his writing is just god awful. i’d love it if they would bring back Russell Mulcahy who directed RE:EXTINCTION.

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