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Don Coscarelli On The Future Of ‘Phantasm 5’!!! “I Have To Find A Way…”

I just got back from the Los Angeles press day for John Dies at the End (review), the sci-fi/horror movie from horror icon Don Coscarelli (Phantasm, Bubba Ho-Tep). It’s a fantastic movie that I really enjoyed, one that Magnet will be releasing On-Demand December 27, 2012 and in theaters February 3, 2013.

So the bulk of my coverage is going to wait until we get closer to those dates. But I just got a tidbit from Coscarelli that I need to share with you. Remember this whole thing? When it was erroneously reported that Phantasm 5 was moving forward and we had to perform the sad task of stepping in to let you know that wasn’t the case? Well, now it sounds like there actually might BE a movie sometime in the future. At the very least, it’s much more likely to happen than it was in June.

Per Coscarelli himself, “There’s been a lot of speculation for a lot of time. When I made ‘Phantasm 4’ I really saw it as an end. And it really was an ending of that portion. But I will tell you that I get so many questions about ‘Phantasm 5’. And no one’s talking about remakes! They want a ‘Phantasm 5’ with the original actors. All of the actors are in great shape, Angus [Scrimm] does an excellent job in ‘John.’ And I used to just dismiss the idea of ‘Phantasm 5’, but now I have to take it a little more seriously. There is a rabid fan base that will not be denied! So once I get done with this publicity thing I have to find a way to satisfy that demand!

Sounds good to me! What do you guys think?



  • Nothing333

    Nothing would make me happier than this happening. God I’d even be stoked for the Phantasm films we have to get a blu ray release. I love Coscarelli.

    • Aaron Emery

      Right? I’ve been waiting for BluRay for forever, I’m starting to think it’ll never happen 🙁 Coscarelli is fantastic and for him to make this happen would be a godsend.

  • Fuck yeah!!! Wow— talk about return of the classics – We get another Evil dead (i don’t give a shit about you remake haters – it’s EVIL DEAD – so its already awesome) we got a sequel to the original Texas Chainsaw – and now the possibility of Phantasm 5 – things are looking good for Horror!!!!

  • STRIK9

    Yeah,now the fat bastard wants to do it huh? Angus is 86 fuckin years old and I’d be amazed if the poor guy was up to it.Coscarelli takes like 5 years to do a project,he’s too slow.I’d be amazed if this movie happens.I’m sure it’ll just become a remake though in the end.

  • Melissa

    WHOA! That is the only news I need to hear for the next year on horror movies. It’s about time he saw that there is a market for it with us Phantasm crazies! Now hurry up and finish that publicity and start writing it if it’s not already written. Coscarelli can be cryptic so I suspect he has a script about done..

  • To-Mega-Therion

    Can anybody shed any light on whether the Phantasm films will se Blu Ray? box set? singles? Any rumours that you experts know about? cheers

    • Phantasmaniac

      Phantasm II is the only one announced for Blu-ray, Scream Factory is releasing it sometime early next year.

  • Sooo … nothing definitive then.

    I’m all for a fifth installment, but they need to go big this time. IF they get the financing, it WILL be the last time the original cast is available. Treat it like THE ending.
    That doesn’t mean that I want everything explained, but at least no new questions (I’m looking at you, “Oblivion”!).
    Oh, and make it FUN.

    On that note … I put my version of the Phantasm theme online a couple of days ago. Coincidence?
    Yes. Absolutely. Enjoy. 🙂

  • RNL

    How could he have seen Phantasm IV as an end? It has the least satisfying ending of any of the films. And wasn’t P4 made because they couldn’t finance Avary’s script and hoped to drum up some hype with the fourth film? According to Wiki: “As the project ran into financing difficulties, Don Coscarelli wrote and directed this fourth installment as a pre-cursor to the project, using numerous outtakes from the preceding films. Avary also appeared in the film as one of the Civil War soldiers. Despite these efforts, the budget for the sequel, now retitled Phantasm’s End, could not be secured.”

  • XMarkX

    Yeah, if done well, this could be awesome. Interested to see what happens!

  • goombatommy

    Want this too.

  • Joe-Banger

    This is all interesting but Im still waiting for a female killer to stand up with all the greats! Ive yet to see one be up there with Jason, Freddy, Micheal, Leather Face, Pin Head, the tall man here and whoever else I forgot to mention. I still havent seen the whole Phantasm film collection yet though.

  • ImTheStonker

    I hope it includes a disembodied dogs head at some point, preferably a great danes, but I mean a REAL dog not a human man who is ugly or the women out there who look like men only act like women when they have to.

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