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[AFM ’12] There’s ‘Fresh Meat’ For Dinner

Remember the New Zealand Film Commission? Yeah, the guys who did one genre film including the likes of the brilliant Black Sheep. They’re back, and we caught wind of their latest genre offering out of the AFM.

Danny Mulheron directs Fresh Meat, about “A dysfunctional gang of criminals invade the home of a middle class Maori family and take them hostage. But this seemingly normal family has a deep, dark secret and when the fugitives discover the home abattoir, the tables are turned and the hunters become the hunted. There’s fresh meat for dinner (washed down with a nice Chianti of course).

Temuera Morrison Hanna Tevita and Kate Elliott star.

Check out the teaser trailer inside, along with some stills and art.



  • cryocore

    Again Brad shows his lack of knowledge.
    The NZ Film Commission doesnt make films you fucken moron.
    They are a Govt body that allocates funding to local film projects.
    They have funded (in full or in part) many genre films from here in NZ, including early Pete Jackson films amongst others like The Ugly, and the Irrefutable Truth about Demons as well as the aforementioned Black Sheep.

    A couple of minutes of research could of told you that.

    Seriously are you brain damaged or just completely inept?

    The movie btw is pretty cool. Very gory and funny as hell. I am not sure how well the comedy will translate to international audiences though as it is very Kiwicentric and uses the Maori traditionalism slant in very interesting and VERY un-PC way. This is one whanau you dont want to fuck with.

  • doomas10

    ^ Jesus…somebody needs to take a chill pill … @_@

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