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Wes Craven Doubts You Want ‘Scream 5’, Is He Right?

I’m in a fairly severe minority when I say that I liked Scream 4. It’s better than Scream 3 and, even if it can’t hold a candle to the first two films in the franchise, I didn’t find it boring. Of course, the hospital sequence is insanely stupid and the whole film feels out of touch, but I appreciated the point it was trying to make (even if that point got fumbled badly in places).

That being said, I really don’t need to see a Scream 5. I have no idea where they’d go with it and I really don’t see the series getting anywhere near back to the relevancy it once held. It had its time and place, and I’m fine moving on from it. And Wes Craven seems sort of shocked that some if you even want one. Earlier tonight he wrote on his Twitter, “No news on ‘Scream 5’ yet. You guys really want another one?

When I spoke to Craven last year he seemed a bit more up on the prospect of a sequel, saying that he assumed Bob Weinstein was looking for writers, but it doesn’t seem like there’s been any movement since then. Perhaps Dimension was scared off by Part 4’s paltry domestic take? It’s $38M North American gross was way lower than the $90-100M bar the franchise had grown accustomed to. Sure, it made $97M worldwide, but even that is a significant dive from its predecessors.

Personally, I don’t think the franchise can recover. What about you?



  • Kroork


  • Keegsta

    I want Scream 5.

  • Blood-Sicles

    I’m always up for another go if they got together with a really relevant story and executed it well. They’d definitely need to do some style shifting, and up the ante on marketing if they want to succeed financially.

  • SuperKilla

    I could go for “Scream 5” , “Scream 4” was the best sequal in my opinion. Dimension released “Scream 4” during the month of April just like “Grindhouse” in 2007 and “Grindhouse” flopped too. Drop “Scream 5” in early October or even December like the first two films and guarantee the profit will be there.

  • staindFAN

    Give me Scream 5 as well! I thought Scream 4 was the best in the series behind the original. Was the hospital scene ridiculous and un called for? Sure it was. But, that didn’t make the entire film that came before that point irrelevant. O don’t know where Scream 5 would go, story wise, but I do know that they should bring back Kirby. Best character in part 4 that we didn’t actually see perish, nor was mentioned as being perished. This is a movie after all, writers can do that type of thing lol…

    Also to touch on what SuperKilla said, release it in October!!!

    • SuperKilla

      Kirby was great in the film ,she is a good actress.

    • ArdellTaylor

      I completely agree with everything you just said.

  • DexterAHS

    I’m always up for a new Scream movie. I have to say that Scream 4 was pretty bad. I really wanted to like it. The whole thing wasn’t terrible but some things were just really stupid like the cop walking around and talking despite just being stabbed in the forehead…I found that they tried to make things too comedic which ruined it for me. I don’t mind humor but it was borderline Scary Movie comedy which I felt did not fit. Anyways, like another user said, they should definitely bring back Kirby (Hayden Panettiere). She was the best thing about Scream 4. Bring her back, the original 3 optional, and make a good story and I’m game.

  • TRS66

    Scream is my favourite film of all time and the Scream Franchise I love too but right now I don’t think we really need a Scream 5 or 6

  • All 4 Screams are amazing and I watch them all the time. Yes, even Scream 3. It has it’s charms. SCREAM 5!!!

  • FreddyKrueger13

    I’m up for a Scream 5, only thing I would like is make it a tad more brutal. My not be Scream’s thing but I would like it

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    I want a ‘Scream 5’! The mainstream slasher genre that Scream made so famous back in the 90’s is all but extinct now a days.

    I enjoyed S4, with a better beginning, better character development among the supporting cast, and the omission of the “hospital” scene, it would have been the perfect sequel. They really had a great opportunity to flip the franchise on its head if they would have killed the character of Sidney off and had Jill live to plan another “sequel”. Now we are left with the original cast, which is fine, except with every passing sequel, I think it’s getting harder to get Neve Campbell and Kevin Williamson to sign on the dotted line. Oh well, fingers crossed.

    • draven miltenberger

      They knew Sidney was going to survive this round anyhow. I think they’re plan is to move on from Sidney being the main story, and more on the whole Prescott family. Sidney is in the hall of fame, and there is no use in killing her now…she’s survived this four times! in all honestly, i hope Dewey is the killer in the next sequel, and he tries to kill Sidney, and Gale, but fails (again)…Horror is a girl’s world…i hate it too but for some odd reason it works that way. Sidney’s in the hall of fame and there really isn’t any use in trying to dethrone her…in Sidney’s words “Don’t Fuck With The Original”.
      Yes, The Hospital Scene Didn’t Need To Be Included, But Scream Is Nothign Without Sidney. They Should Have Cut It Off With “Sidney Just Might Make It” And Cut Out To Emma’s Deer-In-The-Headlights Face.

  • If it would trash on a lot more horrors I’d dig it deep.

  • En_Noir

    I could really go either way, I enjoyed Scream 4 the first time through. But the 2nd and 3rd time was a little taxing. The more I watched it the more I disliked it finding it somewhat lazy. I completely agree about the hospital scene, it was cheesy and completely unnecessary, but it did get the point across. With the proper writers there could be one last film in the franchise. But lets face it, it’s getting stale.

  • Baphochrist

    While I did find Scream 4 to be better than the overrated second installment and worlds better than the overblown mess of the third film, I still felt it was unsatisfying. For one thing there was WAY too much humor, like someone else said it bordered on Scary Movie at times. The killer reveals were “meh” and pacing was somewhat clumsy. Still I liked the twisty opening and appreciated the spot on social commentary. Really at this point I only watch the classic original. Still…I’d be down for a Scream 5. Just make it dark, full of twists, ditch the over the top humor and give us a good story like the original film!

  • Aaron Emery

    I’d hate to say it as I grew up on these movies, please no Scream 5, part 4 was entertaining enough but it felt more like Scary Movie. Scream is no longer relevant like it was in the 90’s. time to come up with some new ideas.

  • JasonVoorhees1981

    I want to see a Scream 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10!


    Because I’m a slasher movie fan, and I love movies like Scream!

  • doomas10

    I loved Scream 4! It was awesome and my favourite in the series. The killings were brutal, the meta-horror jokes clever enough and some sequences were terrific. And for the credit Evan, you are not in the minority. I never met anyone who disliked Scream 4. As people above suggested, release SCREAM 5 october-december and if it is good, it will be a success

  • mav07

    boy you said it. Scream 4 felt EXTREMELY out of touch! and I think it had a lot to do with the returning cast. We all know that Neve held out for more money and her performance showed her lack of care for the 4th installment. She just saw it as a pay day. Courtney Cox did not even resemble the Gale Weathers from the first 3, looks or personality. It’s as if she was like, “I just spent 2 grand on these extensions and there is no way i’ taking them out for this movie.” I believe David gave his all for the film because I believe he is the only one of really loves the genre/series, but we’re supposed to believe Dewey is now the Sheriff??? CA’MON! and the casting of the 2 cops. Adam Brody and Anthony FUCKING Anderson? who is also a cast member of the Scary Movie franchise. They might as well start calling these films “Scary Movie” because thats what they are, just a little more gorier version of them.

    I think the only way these movies can continue is without the original cast. It makes no fucking sense to keep putting them in the same situations and neither of the main 3 die. It’s incredibly unbelievable. and I think Wes see’s that now.

  • edheadboy0503

    I NEED a SCREAM 5. I feel with right Ingredients; We could get More than Solid Film. We need Fantastic Actors, BELIEVABLE Deaths, an Eerie NEW Score. The Tone must be that of DREAD, it has to be dark, It HAS to be REAL. After-all, it is BASED off of TRUE EVENTS. Pull in that Gritty, UN-nerving feeling you get when you learn that something Terrible has happened to someone, in REAL life. To Me SCREAM can GREAT. I’d like an Opening Kill even MORE BRUTAL and REAL than the 1st SCREAM with Drew Barrymore. NO COMEDY. Just Raw- Realness. The Opening Kill has to be a Big Star too,Keep it under-wraps though. someone who Can Pull of REALITY well. Anything can Be SUCCESSFUL if PROPERLY EXECUTED. You just need People Who CARE and know how to Scare the SCHIT out of you. I so wish they’d BRING ME on BOARD. I feel it in My BONES that I would Not Disappoint the MASSES.

  • lupetohee

    I definitely want a new Scream, but they seriously need new material and a new approach at promotions. Has anyone seen this yet?

    • SuperKilla

      Nice link.

  • Evil_Flip

    lol, I had actually kinda forgotten about scream 4, I know I’ve seen it but it obviously didn’t leave an impression.

  • horrorking95

    I really do not get all the hate for Scream 4. I thought it was nearly as damn good as the original! It’s thoroughly entertaining, exciting and fun when it needs to be. I loved all the new characters, and I thought that the twist at the end was brilliant! I don’t see what was wrong with the hospital scene either, it just added to the film’s fantasticness. It brought Scream back to the basics, the other sequels were trying to be a bit above themselves. Scream 4 felt beautifully fresh and if Wes can come up with a Scream 5 that’s as good, then I say go for it!

  • EvilHead1981

    I liked Scream 4 too, but I think it ended on such a great note(Don’t fuck with the original), anything to follow that up would ruin it as a whole(the movie and the series). Scream 4 is a great end to the series, IMO.

  • snotboy21

    We need a Scream 5. If only to make up for how wrong Scream 4 was. Redemption is necessary. The opening was awful, the ending even worse. Plus any time you see ghostface you are immediately dead. Seriously I didn’t realize that little girls were that crazy strong, fast sure, but whatever. What happened to the chase, the thrill, the utter fun of the series? They should rerelease Scream 4, let the girl live and kill of the original trio. Scream 5 could be her going to college but someone knows her secret. It could be like Scream 2 meets Sleepaway camp 2!

  • Slasher_Lover23

    YES! Defintely give the world a 5th. And bring back Kirby. To me she is the 2nd best character in the series after Sidney. Not only do we need more slashers in the world (and LESS supernatural and possession types), but a Scream 5 is much more deserving than another Paranormal Activity sequel. At least Scream can deliever fun and thrills and keep you guessing to see who the killer is, whereas PA is predictible as hell.

  • i thought ‘Scream 4’ was the most enjoyable of the sequels. I’d love to see more.

  • Joe-Banger

    Yes he’s right! Time to move on Wes.

  • Trioxin83

    Bring it on! I’d go see another one!

  • DragonSlayer111

    Scream will always be number one on my list when it comes to horror films, but im not so sure about going on with the franchise. I feel they’ve done all they could with this storyline, but hey i am a big fan, so prove me wrong.

  • GhostsOfRoute23

    Why not? There seems to be a very high demand for it. Crack out a good enough script with fresh creativity, have the Weinsteins stop tinkering around with things and we have a decent movie on our hands. Just release it in September or Early October with little to no competition that weekend. Scream 4 had a crap ton of competition- so many cgi kids movies were out at that time its understandable why it flopped.

  • TwistedCritic

    I’m glad Scream 4 was at least better than 3, flawed though it was, but I just can’t see where they could go with another one. Neve Campbell’s storyline has been played out since part 3 (really, how many deranged family members can she have?) and how many times can the same shit happen to the same small group of people?

  • Armandozamaya

    Yes. I would love a Scream 5. I def think Kirby should come back and have her be the new “Sidney” because in my opinion I think Kirby has that strong character in which she can defiantly take on Ghostface as a challenge and win. She did win during the phone sequence so, why not?

  • DeadManZombieFan

    Yep wes your right. I didn’t even want a scream 4. Same shit over and over again. Just make a new movie. Scream fuckin sucks and is crazy over-rated.

  • Evan3

    Like you Evan, I enjoyed the good but not great Scream 4. Spoilers – GUTSY move killing off the entirety of the new cast. Wouldn’t mind a 5, but also agree there is no need.

  • Marty McFly

    Do I want a Scream 5? If they did do it I think it would end up being direct to DVD because of the lackluster success of Scream 4 at the boxoffice last year. Scream is one of my all time favorite franchises, and is basically the reason I got so much into horror movies after seeing part one when it came out in theaters. I own all four movies on DVD and if they did make a part five I would definitely see it. I hope they can keep it fresh and exciting. Part four was miles better than the tame and borderline crappy part three, but not as awesome as the epic part one and kick ass part two. I don’t really see there being a need for a part five.. unlike Friday the 13th where sequel after sequel doesn’t hurt the franchise, another Scream might be a little unnecessary. Like I said though, I’d still watch it.

  • viking1983

    if scream 4 wasn’t the steaming pile of horseshit it was I would go for a scream 5, time to let this series die

  • The problem with Scream 4 is that it didn’t feel like a Scream movie- AT ALL. It’s like they took everything from a Scream movie and just made something else. Of course your movie shouldn’t be a carbon copy of the rest, but it was way too different. The script was strong, same with the kills, but some of the scenarios (the obvious hospital scene, the killer reveal) were just stupid, and the whole thing fell out of place. I’d give it a strong 5.5. It wasn’t bad but it needed A LOT of work.

  • Norberto-Aguiar

    Yes!!! Im rooting for a Scream 5! Scream 4 had great potential but failed in some ways!It was good, but not great!It felt like it was missing something raw and real!I have faith in Wes Craven! He did bring back Freddy in the most genius way in ‘New Nightmare’,so I believe he can give his fans what they want!!!
    Here is my opinion of what I think this franchise needs to focus on to make a satisfying end to the franchise!!!

    -1. I feel Scream 5 needs to be refreshed entirely!!!I feel the original scream mask no longer holds the power to scare and penetrate your nerves as it once did in the original.Sad, but true! I think the killer/killers needs to wear a variety of visually unsettling masks in Scream 5. Maybe even wear masks from different horror icons! How scary would that be!!!!
    -2. I also feel Sidney,Gale and Dewey need to die in terrifying,surprisingly shocking ways!! It needs to happen. Horror fans NEED that tragic death of a beloved character.That horror! For instance, Drew Barrymore’s character in the first Scream,Nancy in Nightmare on Elm Street 3,Janet Leigh in Psycho,etc…
    -3. The death scenes need to be more realistic and scary!! The stabbing in the forhead of the cop in Scream 4 was laughable and ridiculous! Ruined it for me!
    -4. Tone down all the random celebrity cameos.Very DISTRACTING!!!Overkill!!!
    -5.The killer/killers identity should be jaw dropping like the first 2 Scream films! OR keep the killer/killers identity a mystery until Scream 6!?!

    Anyway, this is just off the top of my horror loving heart & mind! I hope Scream 5 manifests into one of the best 5th installments of any horror franchise ever made and that its fucking as brilliant and horrifying as the first film!!!

  • Alex † Von’Fratt

    Yes, I want a Scream 5.

  • If they make it i will see it. if they don’t i won’t miss it. it is a good sires but i feel it had it’s time in the limelight.

  • but the guilty pleasure side of me wants a 5 just for shits and giggles.

  • Primeus

    Scream 4 was shit, and Scream 3 was dog mucus. With that said I liked Scream 3 far more then Scream 4. I don’t know Scream 4 just seemed like glossed over WB bullshit. It wasn’t fun or cool like previous installments.

    I mean Scream was a great film for what it was. I don’t think Scream stand alone is that good. So I guess from my standpoint the entire series has been more ridiculous then anything.

    My biggest beef with Horror movies like Scream is they give you the feel that the director isn’t taking his film seriously. I guess i am getting old and I remember when Directors actually tried to terrify you and haunt you with their movies.

    Lately horror movies are comedies with blood. Oh and the hospital scene in Scream 4 has to be one of the worse endings in the history of horror films.

  • Damned-Of-Hell

    Someone on Twitter says they’re writing a script for Scream 5 without the original cast –

    I would love to see a Scream 5 personally. The series is just so much fun. I love Ghostface, love the story. But I think there needs to be something original about the next movie. It’s starting to get tired and you can see the cracks.

  • Matt-fBR

    Personally, I don’t want anymore sequels. ‘Scream 4’ was enjoyable, but it was very clear they are running out of ideas. Gale and Dewey were completly wasted and they don’t seem to have much relevance anymore to the story.

    Plus, there are no more loose ends to continue where the 4th one left off. I mean, how many other pissed-off-psycho-relatives can Sidney still have anyway?

    Just let the series rest for good. I love this franchise and I would hate for it to be reduced into ‘straight to video trash’ level.

  • Samhain2010

    I know that it was an important element in the movie, but please stop with the cell phones! Half the movie was a cell phone ringing and people answering it. Scream 5 could be great, but just like the Expendables, someone eventually has to die! I mean they can only live so long against psycho killers. There needs to be some risk for the characters. Maybe even make one of Sidney, Gale, or Dewey the killer/killers. I’d see another sequel. There are way worse ideas out there than a sequel (I’m looking at you American Werewolf in London remake).

  • anezka

    Scream has always been a parody of itself and I must say I laughed my ass off watching Scream 4 on the big screen. It was far better than any Scary Movie has even been (and I’m a big fan of the first in the series). If Wes Craven keeps the same tone in a new sequel, I’m totally going to be there!
    And think positive: it can’t be worse than the 3rd film!

  • joesey

    Yes! at least give us 2 more SCREAM movies. Let’s wrap up a new trilogy.

  • deputywinston

    I need it.

  • DeathValzer

    Might as well do it. I love all the movies and I was surprised with how good Scream 4 actually was.

  • Scream1210


  • austintexas

    I say bring it on. Whatever they would do can’t be worse than an MTV show, right? Scream 4 is my favorite film in the franchise, though far from being the best.

  • VictorCrowley

    Was never huge into the Scream movies, but I did enjoy them. I thought Scream 4 was solid, and welcome the idea of a part 5.

    As far as the franchise getting back to the glory of yester-millineum, not a chance. The mainstream fad died years (and years ago) and Scream settled into it’s cult fanbase as so many horror brands do. There’s still some money to be made for them, but shooting for a 100-million dollar domestic return isn’t logical.

    Only way this franchise returns to the mainstream would be to have PSY and Justin Bieber in it. JB could be revealed to be the killer, pissed off at PSY for Gangnam Style taking his spot as most watched YouTube vid of all-time.


  • HELL NO! Scream 4 was too painful to watch.

  • brandonshea

    Sidney should have died in the last flick.. Have the villain become hero.. Now you are left with the same tired cast, who will be the villain this time? Sidney’s long lost uncle?

  • hell_razor

    yeah, he is right! no thanx wes

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