Ready Or Not, Telltale Games' 'The Walking Dead' Concludes Next Week - Bloody Disgusting!

Ready Or Not, Telltale Games’ ‘The Walking Dead’ Concludes Next Week


How do one adequately prepare for something like the fifth episode in Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead? What do you do, I mean, is being prepared for something like that even possible? I’m not sure it is, but that’s not going to change the fact that Episode 5 No Time Left is coming next week. It’s been one hell of a crazy ride, with ups and downs, zig zags, loopty loops, and I think we may have even gone in reverse a few times. The last episode set the stage for this, and if that ending is anything to go by, this episode could very well be the best one yet. We’ll know for sure when No Time Left releases next Tuesday, November 20th on PSN, and November 21 on Xbox Live, PC/Mac, and iOS. Is anyone here as excited as I am to see how it all ends, or will you be too busy playing Halo 4, Black Ops II, or Assassin’s Creed III?

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  • HorrorManiac666

    Damn Telltale why do you have to release it the same day as Family Guy, well Family Guy can wait a day I guess .