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New ‘Hellraiser: The Dark Watch’ Ongoing Comic Series From Clive Barker And ‘Witch Doctor’ Writer Brandon Seifert!!

You can all rest easy. With the final issue of Clive Barker and Mark Miller’s Hellraiser coming to a close next week with issue #20 (preview here), the future of the franchise at Boom! Studios was uncertain until now. USA Today broke the news that “Witch Doctor” scribe and writer of “Hellraiser: The Road Below”, Brandon Seifert, will be collaborating with Clive Barker for a brand new ongoing “Hellraiser” series titled “The Dark Watch”. Tom Garcia will be taking on art duties for the series, and it is confirmed that it will pick up where the series leaves off.

Seifert assures that the series will also be easy for new readers to jump in, saying, it “picks up with familiar characters in unfamiliar roles, and I’m making a big effort to make it accessible for new readers.” Seifert was keen to note that the original story, “The Hellbound Heart” and the original films have always been a huge influence on him, and he plans to explore the world that Barker has created. “Hellraiser: The Dark Watch” kicks off in February 2013. Head inside for quotes, covers, and more details.

Sefiert said about the franchise, “Hellraiser is about the Cenobites and the Cotton family, sure — but it’s about other things too. It’s about the people who escape from Hell, just like it’s about the people who put them there.”

He continued, “In the first movie, Pinhead and the Cenobites aren’t even the big bad — a human, Frank Cotton, is. It isn’t until Hellraiser 3 that Pinhead really becomes the main villain, the Freddy or the Jason of the series. In the first two movies, his role’s a lot more complex — he tries to take Kirsty to Hell, but he also saves her from Frank!”

The writer added, “When The Dark Watch opens, things will be very different — for our cast, for Earth and for Hell.”

On working with Clive Barker, Seifert said, “It’s really nice to work with someone who trusts my judgment on my writing. But it’s also really nice to know that Clive is there, reading everything I turn in and making sure it’s ‘on target’ for where he wants to take Hellraiser these days.”




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