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Telltale Releases Two More Screenshots From The Final Episode Of ‘The Walking Dead’, Trailer Coming Tomorrow

You know how I like to spend my Sunday nights? I like to sit down at my desk, boot up my computer and spend hours looking at hot, nasty screens from the fifth episode of The Walking Dead. Telltale is being such a tease, releasing screenshots of the finale one at a time as if to say, “yeah, I know you want me, but you can’t have me… yet.” Well, I have two more images waiting for you after the jump — I hope they’re as good for you what they were for me.

The fifth episode, dubbed No Time Left, will release for the PS3 on Nov 20, and the PC, Xbox 360, and iOS on Nov 21. The trailer will be out tomorrow to give us a more enjoyable look at what the episode has to offer.

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