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Review: ‘Ex Sanguine’ #2

After a kick ass debut, Tim Seeley and his partner in crime, Josh Scott Emmons, pump out an awesome second issue of Ex Sanguine. This issue expands on the relationship between the Sanguine Killer and the local vampire Saul Adams; the budding of a bloody romance and more eerie vampire mythology. Tim Seeley brings the romantic vampire pop culture fad back to the blood infested darkness, right where it belongs!

WRITTEN BY: Joshua Scott Emmons and Tim Seeley
ART BY: Tim Seeley
PUBLISHER: Dark Horse Comics
RELEASE DATE: November 14th
PRICE: 3.99

This book kicks off with Saul Adams being interrogated over the fact that his journal was found at the crime scene of the latest Sanguine Killer victim. Clearly he isn’t getting the murder pinned on him because that would make for an abrupt end to the series. SPOILER What is interesting is that the whole time it looks as though Saul is using his magical abilities to get out of the murder but suddenly an alibi is procured for him by none other than the Sanguine Killer herself, Ashley.

This revelation sets the tone for the rest of the book; Ashley is enticing Saul into her plots through the use of her body and mind. This is where the romantic aspect of the story starts to come out. Ashley not only accepts Saul’s nature but more to the point she yearns for a partner who she sees as akin to her, a monster. Throughout the book this relationship develops as the new found couple go out on an awkward date. Very awkward. The date happens to involve a slaughter of the most fiendish kind.

On the flip side, this issue focuses on the law enforcement aspect of the story. The police continue to pursue Saul, who they believe is the killer, all while coming closer to the real killer. This is a clever mix of storylines from the writing duo.

“Ex Sanguine” allows Tim Seeley to showcase his skills as an artist, the use of hard lines gives the book a nice crisp look but background tends to take on a sketchier element giving a much darker appearance. Seeley also emphasizes the use of shadows whether they’re being reflective of Sauls inner monstrosity or simply adding to that dark atmosphere that is present throughout the book.

Though this book does centre around a love story (not my usual cup of tea) I’m really enjoying the direction it is going, as well as the different creative elements that set it apart from other vamp comics. Dark Horse is quickly solidifying their rep as the big boss in horror comics and this book is just another example of their dominance.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by- GreenBasterd



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