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Review: ‘Evil Ernie’ #2

The first issue served as a solid introduction to Ernie Evil and his back story, and he’s already out for blood in the second issue. #2 opens with a flashback scene from Ernie’s childhood where he suffered horrific physical abuse at the hands of his father. The flashback acts as the catalyst that sends Evil Ernie into a bloodthirsty rampage as he shreds through prison guards to get to his father. The issue offers a whole lot in the way of action, but does not deliver enough on the character front.

WRITTEN BY: Jesse Blaze Snider
ART BY: Jason Craig
PUBLISHER: Dynamite Entertainment
PRICE: $3.99
RELEASE: Out now

Writer Jesse Blaze Snider is capable of delivering a emotionally compelling story and has all the puzzle pieces in place. Thus far Snider’s flashbacks have been great, as they give the action sequences more impact and help them resonate with readers. However, despite the fact that this is only the second issue, there is still the feeling that Evil Ernie’s supporting cast has been under developed. One of the best things about the original series was that the enormous supporting cast that helped prevent the book from being more than Ernie mindlessly slaughtering everyone. Hopefully we get to see more of Dr. Leonard Price, Mary Young, Rick Young and the rest of the supporting cast in the next few issues. This issue focused a little bit too much on action and not enough on Ernie himself or what drove him into murderous frenzy.

Artist Jason Craig delivers his hyper detailed line work again in this issue with some fantastic action sequences. His work perfectly captures the mood and his graphic depiction of violence is exactly what a book like this needs. Unfortunately, towards the end of the issue a few of Craig’s panels look quite rushed. This inconsistency takes the reader out of the story.

The issue ends on cliffhanger as Evil Ernie finds himself caught in the middle of a prison riot. While first issue of this series had a great mixture of character development and action, issue #2 focuses more on the carnage that Evil Ernie can inflict as he goes on a prison rampage. It will be interesting to see where the creative team take this storyline and what they will do to keep readers interest peaked after their initial thirst for blood has been quenched. Snider and Craig are going to need to find a balance between action and character development if they want to keep readers on board for the long haul.

3/5 Skulls




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