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First Clip From ‘The Host 2’ Tramples Online!!

I wasn’t even entirely sure they had begun shooting The Host 2, but it looks like they’re done! Or, at least, they’re done with this clip! It’s actually a really cool action sequence, albiet one that looks like it entirely recreates an important beat from the first film.

There’s some confusion regarding what exactly is going on with the sequel. Even Imdbpro lists it as still in “development”. They don’t even have a director listed. Some people have pegged the film’s writer Ning Hao as being the guy behind the camera, while other reports have Park Myeong-chan as the helmer. More on this – and the release date – as it comes in.

Either way, it looks good! The clip comes from VFX house Micrograph and includes some behind the scenes footage. Head inside to check it out!



  • djblack1313

    VERY awesome! i’m looking forward to this movie. i hope the action/intensity throughout the movie is as good as it is in this clip. i like but not love the first movie. the creature design and fx were VERY good and the FX work looks fantastic in this movie as well! for a CGI creation it’s excellent work.

  • nowaygetreal

    Hopefully this one will be a lot less boring than the first one.

    • “Boring”? Are you kidding me? The film was many things, but boring was certainly not one of them. I suggest you watch it again, because we most definitely saw different films.

    • doomas10

      the first one was awesome!

    • K-Dogg

      Umm, boring…..Hell no, this movie fucking rules !!!!!

  • Absolutely loved the first one, and that clip showcases some incredible FX shots. I love how they are so proud of their monster that they just show him in broad daylight with no reservations. Very reminiscent of the old monster movies where we saw them in full force almost the entire film.

    • djblack1313

      DB35, you bring up an excellent point. them showing fully and proudly the creature in full daylight is so refreshing & awesome! too many creature movies has the creatures in the shadows/low lighting/etc.

  • ‘The Host’ is one of my all time favorite Korean films, and one of my top ten films of all time, period. The VFX were amazing, and I hope this sequel continues with the trend. Looking forward to this more than the American remake of ‘Oldboy’.

  • J-SiN

    The clip looks great, I can’t wait for this to be released. The creature has got to be one of my favorites. As far as that other movie mentioned, I ‘ll just refer to it as the American Massacre of Oldboy.

  • doomas10

    Korean cinema is so underrated! I had no idea that they were making a sequel to the host. The first appearance of the creature in the first movie was absolutely intense!

    • I agree. I also like their “economicality”, they would only spend a quarter of a standard budget and make these high-end, practically Hollywood-grade movies.

      Their tsunami movie (‘Tidal Wave’) was shot at Haeundae and was sent to Hollywood for principal photography. (How more thrifty and practical you could go beyond that? Very clever people.)

      • doomas10

        I know! Look at Kim-Ji Woon! HIs “The good the bad the weird” oriental western puts Hollywood blockbusters into shame! I wish more people could see more films beyond Hollywood. I am going to search the Tidal Wave- thanks!

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