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First Clip From ‘The Host 2’ Tramples Online!!

I wasn’t even entirely sure they had begun shooting The Host 2, but it looks like they’re done! Or, at least, they’re done with this clip! It’s actually a really cool action sequence, albiet one that looks like it entirely recreates an important beat from the first film.

There’s some confusion regarding what exactly is going on with the sequel. Even Imdbpro lists it as still in “development”. They don’t even have a director listed. Some people have pegged the film’s writer Ning Hao as being the guy behind the camera, while other reports have Park Myeong-chan as the helmer. More on this – and the release date – as it comes in.

Either way, it looks good! The clip comes from VFX house Micrograph and includes some behind the scenes footage. Head inside to check it out!




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