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Slayer Releases The Most Evil, Vile…Christmas Sweater?



When I think of Slayer, I think of people carving the band’s logo into their arm or back. I think of dangerous mosh pits. I think of red skies, oceans of fire, and the air reeking of sulfur. Know what doesn’t come to mind when I think of Slayer? Ugly Christmas sweaters. Last thing on my mind when it comes to the band.

And yet it exists. Wanna know something? It’s ugly. Like, really freakin’ ugly. It looks like something Freddy Krueger’s mom would buy him and he’d have to wear it to make her happy even though inside he’s seething, hating every moment, just waiting for Christmas dinner to end so that he can go back to invading teenager dreams and slaughtering them mercilessly, taking out his anger and frustration on them.

If you want to see it, look below. As for getting one? They’re $80 a pop here. Oh, and shipping is an additional $18. So you’re just shy of $100 for an ugly Slayer Christmas sweater. Ho ho muthaflippin’ ho.

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