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Bloody Cuts Team For Feature Length ‘Scarecrow’

Debuting in June last year, Bloody Cuts is an anthology series (as well as the name of the production company) aiming for 13 installments, of which six have surfaced so far. Available to watch free on the Bloody Cuts website, the films have attracted around a quarter of a million views online, and has pushed the team into producing a feature-length film, says Empire.

Scarecrows‘ goofy premise involves criminals hiding out on a remote farm, and somehow unleashing ancient powers that animate vengeful straw men. Should’ve stayed orf their laand.

The film will be directed by Neill Gorton, who made Bloody Cuts’ fourth episode “Mother Dies,” but is currently best known as the head of Millennium FX. His special effects make-up work has graced the likes of Saving Private Ryan and Being Human, and he’s won BAFTAs for his work on “Doctor Who,” and on the Paul Whitehouse series “Help.”

The film is written by series regular Joel Morgan, and produced by BC’s Ben Franklin and Anthony Melton, and Jonathan Sothcott from second production company CHATA Pictures.

Shooting is pencilled in for next year.



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