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[TV] Next On “Dexter” Episode 7.10 “The Dark… Whatever”

Jumping head a week, below you’ll find the promo for Showtime’s “Dexter” Episode 7.10 “The Dark… Whatever”. It appears as though Yvonne Strahovski doesn’t give that much of a f*ck about Dexter’s “Dark Passenger” but her dad – who calls her “Banana” might.

Airing Sunday, December 2nd, “Dexter is unnerved when Hannah’s father pays him a surprise visit; the Phantom Arsonist’s crimes become more vicious; and Quinn defends Nadia’s honor and finds himself in a volatile situation. Meanwhile; LaGuerta asks a former superior for help on the Bay Harbor Butcher case.

Head inside for the preview!



  • Lucianivision

    Every episode AFTER ep 4 of this season has been garbage. As soon as I saw a hint of another love interest for DEXTER, I knew that it was curtains for Season 7.


    • PorkYogurt

      Fuck that. Season 7 has been the first solid season since season 2. Every episode progresses Dexter towards his final showdown, whatever that may be. The love interest bothers you? Makes me think you haven’t bothered to watch any of the previous seasons. Love isn’t in the cards for Dex. It’s going to explode just like it did with Lila.

  • djblack1313

    PorkYogurt, i agree w/ you. this season in it’s entirety has been excellent. i despised with a passion season 6 but season 7 is DEXTER back to top notch form!

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