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[TV] Next On “The Walking Dead” Episode 3.08 “Made To Suffer”

AMC’s The Walking Dead has apparently been kicking some serious ass this season seeing as all of the people I know who were kvetching along with me about the prior two seasons seem to have very few complaints so far this year.

Next Sunday, December 2nd AMC airs episode 03.08 “Made To Suffer.” In the episode, Andrea steps up when the people of Woodbury are thrown into uncharted territory; a new threat arises at the prison.

In the highly anticipated new season, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his fellow survivors continue to seek refuge in a desolate and post-apocalyptic world and soon discover that there are greater forces to fear than just the walking dead. The struggle to survive has never been so perilous. Season 3 also introduces new characters, including the Governor (David Morrissey) and fan-favorite Michonne (Danai Gurira), along with her zombie pets.

Head inside for two previews from next week’s episode! We’ve also included two behind-the-scenes clips from tonight’s episode!



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