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Watch “Talking Talking Dead”, A Live Aftershow About AMC’s “Talking Dead”

As I continue to finally fall in love with AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” each week I’m continually more and more annoyed by that stupid-as-shit “Talking Dead,” a moronic live talk show about “The Walking Dead,” hosted by Chris Hardwick.

While the show itself is solely there to whore out products and steal ratings from zombie fans, it’s basically a recap of each episode featuring boring interviews and chats with D-list stars (I love Patton Oswalt, but who gives a crap what he thinks about what just happened on “The Walking Dead”?). But what really grinds my gears is their weekly “hashtag” where, during the first commercial break, they reveal a major spoiler before it happens in the episode! Enraging? Yes.

In light of my pure hatred for “Talking Dead,” I thought I’d share this pretty comical Funny or Die piece entitled “Talking Talking Dead.” #TalkingTalkingDead #TalkingTalkingTalkingDead



  • Zombie-Killa

    HA! Cool video!

    I don’t hate Talking Dead, but it’s a lame show, there’s no denying it. The guests are OKAY sometimes (was surprised to see CM Punk in a tamed mode last night, but Hardwick is a terrible host. He’s corny, not funny, and Hardwick just comes off as annoying tool 99.9% of the time.

  • SkullBunnie

    HOLY SHIT! THANK YOU!!! Why the fuck do we need a post game show for a show.. isn’t that what the Internet is for? Does anybody actually watch this garbage? wish AMC would just push up Comic Book Men and ditch Hardwick.

  • Captain-Bumout

    Hardwick is a genuinely good person but this show is really making people hate him. Most of the talking dead episodes are shit because they have to rush everything and shoehorn all these little bits in between. Last nights episode however was actually really good and the after show even better. I too hate the interruptions right when we go to commercial but I’m pretty sure they’ve never spoiled anything,

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