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Gaiman Foundation Donates $60,000 TO CBLDF

Bleeding Cool reports that Neil Gaiman’s very own Gaiman Foundation has donated a grant of $60,000 to the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. The grant is to be used to educate readers, creators, publishers and anyone involved in the industry about issues of censorship. It is also to support Kids Right To Read Project And Banned Books Week, and Manga: Introduction, Challenges, and Best Practices. More below.

Gaiman is quoted in the press release, “I’ve supported the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, initially through fundraising and awareness raising, and then as a member of the board of directors, for over twenty years now. The CBLDF has, through that time, grown from a one-person organization dealing with emergencies that would have wiped out creators and retailers to what it is now: a major force in fighting censorship and preserving First Amendment liberties for those of us who read, create, publish or sell comics on paper or on the web.”

The press release quotes Holly Gaiman, “The Gaiman Foundation was founded in order to Do Good. The initial way it Does Good is by financially supporting organizations like the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. My siblings and I, who sit on the board of the Gaiman Foundation along with Neil and Amanda Palmer, have been inspired by our father’s dedication to the CBLDF for the majority of our lives. The First Amendment work of the CBLDF has been close to the heart of our entire family, and it is with great joy and pride that we all, through the Foundation, Do Good through supporting the CBLDF in its educational mission.”



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