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[Random Cool] “The Zombie States Of America” Prepares For The Apocalypse!

Nearly every company is exploiting the popularity of the zombie subgenre, not that I’m complaining…

Travel planning company Hopper teamed with Buzzfeed to help you prepare for the forthcoming zombie apocalypse.

Using their extensive knowledge of regional America, they crunched the numbers to deduce which states were best equipped to create a brave new world in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Combing through Hopper’s extensive data, BuzzFeed marked the most important stats used to rank states’ survivability. You can see the whole breakdown of how each score was tallied here.

A few caveats:
– Guns are essential to making it in a zombie wasteland, but use them sparingly. The noise alerts both the shamblers and the marauding raiders to your location.
– While the number of Walmarts is indicative of quantity of supplies, keep in mind that name recognition will make any big box deadly in the initial outbreak. Be prepared to use lethal force on both the undead and your fellow survivors.
– Hospitals have lifesaving supplies…surrounded by hordes of zombies. Before the complete breakdown of society, the infected would be transported to medical facilities where they would then bite every doctor, nurse, and elderly patient in sight. Proceed with caution.



  • flesheater24


  • Trixxxster

    Hmmm, interesting reasoning. If a zombie outbreak were to hypothetically occur, I definitely wouldn’t want to find myself in a high population density area!

    • Melissa

      I agree Trixxster! Being in a populated area decreases your chance of survival big time.Population should always be a factor. Plus Wal-Marts would be cleaned out within the first few days before the outbreak reaches peak scale. I’ll take my chances and head for the desert where you can see for miles and pick off small town shops and stores.

  • Mr.Mirage

    So … Cali? How would you know who are the zombies and who are the whacked out zombie-like people? Tex? Really? Meh. I’ll stay around the Great Lakes and take my chances.

  • HorrorManiac666

    At least my state isn’t ranked last, take that North Dakota.

  • TheWalkingFlat

    Texas + Chainsaw 🙂

  • Joe Stone

    Very cool concept! However, I think that this is all wrong; but rather the direct inverse should be thought of and/or considered. I do not want to go in to lengthy detail and bore people. But, look at the data these photos present. Now, provided that the information presented is somewhat correct (lets say at least 75%) then, those stats need to be rethought of. More from a perspective of ACTUAL survival vs. THEORETICAL SURVIVAL. Let me know what you all think, or if you want to discuss this more.

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