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[Exclusive] Sluggo Shares His Top 10 Gory Films

Horror-obsessed electronic artist Sluggo has just released his Space Shark EP, which is released through Rottun Records. The two-track EP starts with “Space Shark”, which features Iwrestledabearonce‘s Steven Bradley on guitars, followed by the second track “Gimme Dat Azz”, which features Messinian. You can snag the EP on Beatport or iTunes.

To hype up this fresh release, Sluggo has put together a list of his Top 10 Gory Films, which you can check out below.

Sluggo’s Top 10 Gory Films

Dead Alive: This was before Peter Jackson got all obsessed with hobbits. It’s one of the goriest, funniest movies ever. Suck it Frodo.

Friday the 13th: Okay, Jason Voorhees is the ultimate killer. He’s got a hockey mask, a machete, and all kinds of teen girls on his “to kill” list. He’s a legend.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The OG Texas Chainsaw Massacre with the annoying kid in the wheelchair, the freak cutting himself at the beginning, and the official, real Leatherface still freaks me out. Gore at its best.

The Devil’s Rejects: Rob Zombie doesn’t only make sick music. He makes some dementedly awesome movies. The scenes in the hotel are particularly gorey.

Hobo with a Shotgun: Rutger Hauer, homeless, a shotgun—’nuff said.

Strangeland: There was some totally gross and weird crap in this movie. Dee Snider used to be cool until he started doing musicals. Now, he’s even cooler!

The Hills Have Eyes: That rape scene is just plain evil. Then, you’ve got the dad burning. More awesome old school gore from Wes Craven, plus those freaks are totally creepy.

The Human Centipede: If you can’t stomach this modern gore masterpiece, watch the South Park episode.

Toxic Avenger: This is a total cult classic. Long live the Toxic Avenger!

Tokyo Gore Police: This is like real life anime with a crazy Asian chick and a big sword. I love it!

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