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Check Out This Ridiculous Mash Up Of Korn And Taylor Swift (That Actually Works Really Well): FREE DOWNLOAD

Update: A video for the mash-up and a final download link can be found below.

Mash up maestro Isosine is back at it again, this time mixing Korn‘s “Coming Undone” with Taylor Swift‘s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”. On paper, that sounds so ludicrous and absurd that it can’t possibly work, can it? As a matter of fact, it works disturbingly well. You can stream/download the work in progress for free here.

Head on below to hear the original songs for reference.

You can download the mash-up here.

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  • JonOfTheShred
  • m-m-m-MONSTER_KILL

    Listened to the mash-up…it annoyed me. Listened to the Korn song…it annoyed me even more. Ya know what’s fucked up though? I’m a die-hard lover of punk and metal, and that Taylor Swift video brought a big, stupid smile to my face. I have no idea why, because I fucking HATE her music and everything she represents in the music industry, but I actually enjoyed that song and vid. Maybe it’s cause it’s catchy, or because she’s smokin hot, but most likely I enjoyed it because it made me forget that I’d just listened to Korn. Seriously, fuck that awful, AWFUL band and their shitty music. They look like Juggalos but instead of being hilariously stupid they just make me kinda bummed out, and their music sounds like the result of a 14-year-old who’s like, SUPER into guns and military history (you know the kinda kid I’m talking about, the kind who’d sit there and draw painstakingly detailed tanks and AK-47’s all day in class and talk about how he would’ve had WAY more kills if he’s been a shooter at Columbine) deciding to make a band that sounds like “Rob Zombie meets Drowning Pool”, but not quite realizing what it is that makes Rob Zombie’s music somehow enduring and unfortunately realizing EXACTLY what makes Drowning Pool popular.

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