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‘Dishonored’ Sold Better Than Bethesda Expected, Could Become A Series

It looks like player reception of the recently released Dishonored has matched its critical reception. In my review I likened it to BioShock for its atmosphere, dystopian Steampunk setting, and even the combat, which feels similar to the uniquely satisfying plasmid/weapon combination. It looks like the two games could soon share something else in common — Dishonored could soon get a sequel that I’m not entirely sure it needs. Bethesda hasn’t disclosed exactly how many copies have sold so far, but it’s performed well enough to warrant the consideration of a sequel. Of course, BioShock 2 was a solid enough game, even if it didn’t quite have that feeling of newness its predecessor did. Either way, I’m sure a Dishonored 2 would be a great game. What do you think?

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