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[TV] Next On “The Walking Dead”, Sneak Peak At The Second Half Of Season 3!!

AMC’s The Walking Dead has reached midseason where they’ll break until 2013. But before we say farewell, they’ve given us a tease of what’s to come when episode 03.09 “The Suicide King” airs in February. Below is a new TRAILER, along with a sneak at the episode, as well as behind-the-scenes videos from tonight’s episode, 03.08 “Made To Suffer”, where Andrea steps up when the people of Woodbury are thrown into uncharted territory; a new threat arises at the prison.

In the highly anticipated new season, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his fellow survivors continue to seek refuge in a desolate and post-apocalyptic world and soon discover that there are greater forces to fear than just the walking dead. The struggle to survive has never been so perilous. Season 3 also introduces new characters, including the Governor (David Morrissey) and fan-favorite Michonne (Danai Gurira), along with her zombie pets.

Head inside to check it out!



  • Zombie-Killa

    That fight between Michonne and The Governor….DAMN what incredible moment. I honestly had no idea, who would come out on top, or stay alive. Great mid-season finale, and the cliffhanger at the end was just perfect.

    But we have to wait until fucking February for new shows. Ugh, the wait is going to kill me.

    • KorovaMilkbar

      totally agree. I hate midseason breaks….but what a great episode!! 🙂

    • DJSeanMac

      It kinda sucks they show Daryl in the woods as part of the preview for February. True, we don’t know if he killed his brother. But damn, at least let us guess if he lives or not.

      I also have an issue with the writers’ apparent need to keep a strict cast structure. It seems Andrea is being rewritten to be as dense and unlikable as Lori (she spent MONTHS with Michonne and she just goes with the Governor in that moment??). And they kill another black guy before bringing a new one on. Can’t handle two at once? 😛

  • grayghost

    What a great episode…I don’t think I breathed the whole time. Too bad the world is ending 12/21/12..I would have loved to see what happened with the hillbillie bros….;P

  • MachetAY

    Even though it had its slow times in season 2 I think this is even better than Breaking Bad. As far as TV horror this has American Horror Story beat by a country mile.

    • Zombie-Killa

      Coming from someone, who loves AHSA, it pains me to admit that, because I love the show so much, but it’s true.

      The Walking Dead is better than AHSA, and it’s not even close.

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