First Footage From 'Host 2' Brings Creature Action!! - Bloody Disgusting!

First Footage From ‘Host 2’ Brings Creature Action!!

The Host 2

Nearly seven years after Bong Joon-ho’s The Host hit the States, Ning Hao is behind the camera on Host 2 3D, the Korean sequel that’s been kept pretty tight-lipped, sans the continual leak of information of imagery and clips.

The sequel was said to have to tread carefully to avoid criticizing the Chinese government as the story will concern a calamity caused when people ignore a monster due to their desire for money.

Our friends at Twitch have caught wind of the first ever footage from the flick, one via a Macrograph 2012 showreel (see the monster starting at 0.27 and 3.00), the other in a full fledged clip! Says the site, the footage shows the hungry creature wrecking havoc upon an unsuspecting family, tearing up on a moving truck, and then chasing two helpless children for a quick snack.

The CG effects were produced domestically by Macrograph, the VFX company behind R2B: Return to Base (aka Soar Into the Sun), A Chinese Ghost Story and Stephen Chow’s upcoming Journey to the West.

  • Evil_Flip

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  • deandean1990

    This looks fucking awesome!

  • Milk

    Its a vagina. It’s a giant vagina. All I see is vagina. VAGINA.

  • at least its not a toothy va-jay-jay.