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[Random Cool?] There’s A ‘Beetlejuice’ Museum In New York…

Beetlemania lives — inside a cramped studio apartment in Hell’s Kitchen, jokes the NY Daily News. The tight quarters house the city’s smallest and silliest museum, a kitschy conglomeration of collectibles that breathes new life into its famously undead muse: Beetlejuice.

It’s so much fun!” says curator/tenant Bruce Christensen to the mag, whose fascination with the seedy movie character memorably played by Michael Keaton dates back 15 years. “This is definitely one of the top 10 attractions in New York City.

Christensen’s inspiration for the unique assortment of tiny plastic toys, bobblehead dolls, collectible cards and other Beeetle-juicy items came early one morning, as he described in the following video, where he found a toy in a bargain box. The cartoon was what revived his love for the franchise: “For years, I left the TV on when I went to bed,” he explains during a spin around the museum. “One day I woke up and the cartoon was on, and I just loved it.

Below we’ve added a video, while you can read more about the museum by clicking the above link.



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